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Wizard 101 Part 3

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This is continuation of the previous part(Part 2) and also the second part of the storyline.


CELESTIA- Welcome to the second storyline arc of Wizard 101. Celestia is the first world of the second storyline. You are here to restore the Astrolabe to give guidance to the Marleybonians. You are also here to assist the Marleybonian’s colony after the Crustacean Empire began to poke holes through the dome that protected the colony. But the Crustaceans are not the only beings in the world. Long ago, the Astral Wizards of Celestia created powerful magic using the energy of the Stars, the Moon, and the Sun. The sorceress Morganthe, a Queen of the Shadow Web, wanted the secrets of the Celestian magic at all costs. The Celestians refused her, so she raised a Dark Army and sent it against Celestia. After Decades of battle, the Astral Wizards realized their world would fall. They summoned the Storm Titan to defeat Morganthe’s legions and to take their world to a place of safety. The Storm Titan betrayed the Celestians by sinking their world beneath the Waves along with Morganthe’s invading forces. Realizing they were Doomed, the Celestians raised mighty Domes to protect some of their treasured city from the waves, though it was too late! They perished along with Morganthe’s invading army. Celestia was lost to the Spiral, its Spiral Door closed forever.  Mobs in this world have health ranging from 1,055 to 1600. Bosses range from 4,000 to 7,000 health.

Survey Camp/Celestia Base Camp/The Grotto-There are many rogue steam powered robots running rampant through the survey camps. You need to stop them and plug some holes that are leaking water.

The District of The Stars- You are in the District of The Stars. Here you are in one of the most ancient parts of Celestia. Find access to the Stellarium in order to claim the piece of the Astrolabe.

The Stellarium- You have found your way into The Stellarium. Bright light and energy surrounds the area. Stellar Protectors guard your path to the Starstone. Turns out, it is missing. One more obstacle stands in your way.

The Floating Land The Floating Land is the first and only above ground area. It is filled with tribes of animals. You must rescue the people on the crashed airship and return them to the base camp. Magic runs through this sandy and tropical beach.

Stormriven- You arrive in what should be a camp of the Marleybonians but instead you find an underwater ruin. You must travel through the stormy underwater to reach the Lunarium and capture the Lunarstone.

The Science Center- The Science Center is a rogue robot captured area. You must defeat the robots and turn the camp back into its former shape along with rescuing all the captured workers.

The Crustacean Empire- The Crustacean Empire is the most powerful native peoples to Celestia. If you want to stop them from flooding all the base camps, you need to do something for them.

The Solarium/The Chancel- You have reached the final stone to restore the astrolabe. During your progression through, you make an encounter. Her name was Morganthe. The Headmaster warns of her as she is powerful and evil. Once you restore the Astrolabe, you hear a call, a mystic call.

Trial of the Spheres- After restoration of the Astrolabe, the gods of Celestia call upon you to enter the Trial. You must, as it is the only way to truly make the Astrolabe correct. The three gods, Astrues, Ptomelos and Mythraya all focus on puzzles. They use cheats as part of the trial during these boss fights of epic proportions that will really get your team of friends to focus. A prophecy from Morganthe is revealed.


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Wizard 101 Part 3