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The Escalante Experience

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Some of you in seventh grade may have Barbara Escalante as your history teacher. Some of you even have her second period with me. You know her for her iconic quotes like, “If you’re quiet!” or “And you’re still talking!” She often yells at people, but only because of all the juvenile delinquents in our honors class. Many people complain about her class,  and I can see why, but I personally enjoyed her class. The key phrase being I used to enjoy her class. It was relatively organized and she doesn’t often give us homework, but when she does, she gives us time to do it in class.

However, over time, the class became less organized and yelling became more frequent. Two specific students moved into our class, one having been expelled, and the other brought in from a regular class. I was personally not too fond of either of these kids, both always being distractions. One plays Fortnite in the corner while the other always gets out of his seat and attacks and annoys people. Mrs. Escalante always scolds these kids and their friends due to being so obnoxious.

One day these two bad boys had driven Mrs. Escalante over the edge and she decided to send them to the dean’s office. That was quite a pleasant day, and it reminded me of the stories my sister told me about the teacher last year. No yelling or anger, just a calm collected teacher telling stories and teaching us history. There were times when the class was this nice, like the day of the walkout, when all the cool kids went to ditch and find their friends. Only nerds stayed behind, those who either didn’t care or were just too well-behaved to even walk out. The day was free of all the ditching kids, and I never enjoyed her class more. She let the students go with no complaint and even cleared the day of work for the protest which was clearly important to some.

However, there is a different reason I wrote this article. It was not inspired by Mrs. Escalante herself, but the horrible table I sit at. This table causes me headaches, and no one in the class understands the torture I endure. Everyday I deal with this one kid who always screams and makes noises. You may know him, as he’s in this class. He always yells at everyone around him to shut up when they’re telling him to stop making noises. He and the other kid at the table always argue, and I’m caught in the crossfire.

My other table partner never pays attention and tells stories about being cool and going to the dean every other day. I’m trying to listen to Mrs. Escalante tell us what we’re doing today and the kid next to me won’t shut up. Sometimes the other kid, who we’ll call Birdman due to his screams, makes noises and Manwoman, the extremely feminine boy next to me, will kick him. Then Birdman will start shrieking at Manwoman to stop and they begin to argue over who’s more annoying. They accuse each other of doing things and everyone around us gangs up on Birdman due to him being so aggressive and annoying. They also use me as a way to prove whether or not they did something they have been accused of, usually not having done it.

This is my Escalante experience, which I should rename the “Stupid Kids in History Experience.” You may have a different opinion on the teacher or the class itself. This is only one person’s view, but I’d consider it an accurate recap of my second period history class this year.

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The Escalante Experience