Food that looks Iconic

Yo guys, Its me again, back at it again with another food article because I am more hungry than usual. So today we will be showing and talking about iconic looking foods.


  1. Pasta: Now we have all probably had pasta. But nothing can compare to how this would look. It is the most Instagram, most mainstream looking pasta. But that doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. This has fresh tomato, basil, red pepper, and mozzarella cheese. So if someone looks at this without having their mouth water, I honestly think that you should take them to urgent care. Because that would be a huge problem.Image result for dennistheprescott
  2. Chicken and waffles: No one in their right mind could go wrong with fried chicken and waffles. So when I saw that this person made it better somehow, I instantly fell in love with them and their work. Everything from the golden crust and the chicken, to the fresh syrup and both of the waffles, made me want to marry this dish. It has fresh syrup, Louisiana spices, fresh made waffles, and a side of lemon to squeeze. So if you ever want to look at a photo to open up your appetite, you should definitely look at this one.  Related image
  3. Sushi: Now sushi is a love or hate type of food. But if this sushi tastes anything like what it looks. I’m pretty sure we would all love sushi. It is everything from colorful and vibrant, to mysterious and cool (I do not know). And does anybody realize that the miso soup is in a cup? Just me? Okay. Anyways, I am once again very, very hungry after looking at this picture for just five seconds. So I give this picture is a blessing and a curse if you really want to stop and think about it. Image result for dennistheprescott
  4. Lo Mein Chili Noodles: Okay, straying away from Japanese food and moving more towards Chinese cuisine, lets look at these absolute beauties. This specific recipe has lime, Chinese chili’s, peas, Bok Choy, and lo mein noodles. So it will have a whole mash of flavors, like savory, spicy, tart, and love! It once again has an array of colors. And not to mention this specific recipe is in the creator of this dish’s book. (The creator’s name is DennisThePrescot). And I have him to thank for all these amazing dishes and pictures of those specific dishes.   Related imageThose have been some iconic food dishes.