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2nd Round Draft Recap

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The second round draft was very interesting, just like every year. There were many teams that made trades to get second round picks because that is where the players who have great talent get left and not drafted in the first round. There was many players that went in the second round that had the potential to go in the first round. I am a big fan of the Rams and it was hard to watch the 2nd round without my Rams having a pick. The Colts had 3 second round picks and they were the 3rd to last team the year before in the  NFL as the worst. They made additions that will boost there momentum and get them better. The other team that made a big jump in the team skill are the Browns and they had 2 first round picks and 3 in the second. They are the team that looks like they have the ability to make a run for the Superbowl with the skill set they picked up in the draft. I am super excited to bring the third round draft recap to you and I will give an analysis on one team that because of there draft in the 3rd round has a chance to make it to the Superbowl.
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2nd Round Draft Recap