The Ultimate Citrus

Lemons are considered extremely sour and are fed to babies to get an adorable reaction. It can also be used to add flavor in water and other different types of foods. No only are lemons resourceful but, they supposedly hold some positive benefits. To understand all the uses of a lemon, lets start from the beginning of a lemon’s life cycle.

When a lemon tree is first planted, it takes two to three years for the tree to be fully developed in order to grow flowers. After it is fully developed, flowers are growing out of the branches and are waiting for a bee to pollinate them.Once a bee pollinates a flower, it now ready to grow into a lemon. When the lemon is fully formed, it contains seeds that allow another tree to be planted and spread. This is due to animals like birds, eating the fruit and spreading the seeds that sprout another tree in a different place, thus the lemon tree spreads further.

Once you fully understand the life cycle of a lemon, we should now know the benefits and reasons of why we should have lemons in our daily food consumption. Many of the benefits are minimal but, they are thought to improve our lives. In the article, 15 Amazing Benefits Of A Lemon by show the benefits of lemons including, “treatment of indigestion, constipation, dental problems, throat infections, fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, obesity, respiratory disorders, cholera, and high blood pressure, while also benefiting your hair and skin.” Many sites claim that a daily cup of lemon waters can clear many of these detected issues. Although, many claim these aren’t true and are complaining that a daily cup of lemon water cannot clear many of these issues. An Instagram post has been going viral that makes a joke of the claim that lemon water can make you lose weight at an extreme rate. Of course, lemon water cannot cure diseases or help an issue at an extreme rate.

In conclusion, lemons can taste delicious, make hilarious reacts and videos, and have a great smell. But, unfortunately, lemons do not have any extreme or fast benefits that can cure or help an issue. Nevertheless, lemons can make delicious desserts, and scents for products. They can also provide for entertainment if given to babies, and if posted to a website platform, can become worldwide faces and put a smile on anyone who views it. Lemons are the ultimate citrus and should be rewarded.