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Have you noticed anyone walking around campus with all black clothes and hair? Maybe it was even me you saw. That person decked out in Hot Topic is, 9 times out of 10, an emo.  An emo is typically “someone who is more emotional about things than others.”  Compared to popular belief, most emos don’t self harm and they normally just are trying to be different and stand out. Most emos listen to “a style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects.” In most schools, emos are shunned and hated and they are on the lowest part on the social pyramid despite their small numbers.

Emos can be depressed but a few of them aren’t. They might just be looking to be different. Most emos might listen to Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, and Taking Back Sunday. A typical emo consists of black ripped, skinny jeans or just black skinny jeans. They most likely will be wearing an emo band shirt. Emos normally wear a hoodie and Converse or high top Vans. Some even wear a beanie. You might see some emos with dyed hair or long, shabby hair.

When you are emo, you are normally targeted for bullying and you will probably be singled out for being quiet or emo. Some people might even call you goth or scene, however both goths and scenes are very different from emos. Goths think the world is screwed up and hate the world. Scenes are normally bright and bubbly. They are normally just suffer from anxiety. There are the shy emos that are into the emo music but they just are the most social person. Then there are the metal-heads who claim that they are emos but they are just truly metal-heads.

Emos can vary in type and love of music. People can evolve into emos and they can evolve and turn into a normal human again. After you have been emo, you might still love the music or you might hate it. There are even such things a “lifestyle emos” and “phase emos”. The phase emos are normally the edgiest ones. They normally make dark humored and edgy jokes. These are the most shunned humans.

Emos are normally shunned and hated even though some are really good listeners. They might even understand some stressful things you are going through. So just don’t be rude to any emos you might see. They might be a really nice person.

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