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Stay With Me 2 – Part 5

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Part 5 of the Stay With Me series

Jasmine’s POV

Dear Diary,

The best thing happened today! Apparently, my mom’s friend from middle school is Grace’s mom! She came over yesterday and we were hanging out in my room.  We watched my favorite (and hers coincidentally), Truth or Dare. The reason why I liked it was because Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars was in it and because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HORROR MOVIES! Well anyways, I was just writing because I needed to make  a random excuse to not do what my mom wanted me to do. Which was to help Addy with her concert. But now tat she’s moved on to the decorating stage, I should probably go since I love decorating. Okay, bye now.

~Jasmine <3

“Which one looks better?” Addy asks, showing me two different color combinations for ribbons across our living room.

“Umm, the pink and purple one,” I say.

Good, I like that one too,” she responds. She takes the other color combination which was blue and red and took it to the other room. I was in charge of all the decorations and she was just giving me the ideas and also helping.

“Addy, do you like this?” I ask, showing her my deign for the stage and all the decorations in and outside of it.

“O.M.G. First of all, you are an amazing artist and second of all, you are an amazing designer. And yes, I do like it,” she says. I smile at her and continue sketching more designs.

After a couple minutes of designing the whole stage and audience area, I finally finished.

“Addy, I finished,” I announce.

“Let me see,” she says, putting down my event planning iPad and walking over to me.

“OH MY HOLY GUACAMOLE!” she yells.

“Yeesh, Addy, calm down,” I say, wincing and covering my ears.

“Sorry, but this is the best thing I have ever seen,” she exclaims. I smile at her, again.

“Well, I guess I should go now,” I say, walking to the front door to grab my keys and shoes.

“Where are you going?” Ally asks, startling me. I didn’t realize she was standing there.

“My friend’s house,” I reply.

“Which friend?” she asks.

“Umm, my friend from the hospital, Keith,” I respond. I had planned this last night. We were texting last night and I texted him one thing and it said he was typing, but nothing was sending for a long time. After an hour, there was a list. It contained of these seven things.

  1. Go to this address. (address inserted here)
  2. Ask for “Keith”
  3. Give him a big hug
  4. Take him to a movie
  5. Sit next to him
  6. Go out to dinner with him
  7. Talk to him

I was going to go in order and well I knew what he was trying to do, but it was cute and I just had to.

“Bye guys,” I say.

Dear Diary,

It’s Keith again. Last night, I was texting Jasmine and it took a long time for me to think of what to say. But I finally came up with something. I sent her a list of things for her to do. I’m actually just trying to trick her into asking me out. Well gotta go now.


 (To Be Continued…)

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Stay With Me 2 – Part 5