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If You Haven’t listen to Rap, Don’t Crucify It

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“Rap nowadays only consist of booties and hoes”

–  A teacher I have that treats Tupac like a prince


That isn’t true.That isn’t true at all. Rap is an outlet where people express their feelings. If you say that rap only consist of th two things mentioned above, consider the following:

  • Not all rappers have to rap about one thing
  • Not every rapper do the same type of rap
  • Rap has topics like money, jewelry, emotions, trauma, stories, and living good life

Don’t believe me? Fine I’ll take you through some topics and some example of a song that has this.

To start we different type of rap. To begin you have the mumble rap, which really has genres that usually consist of well, booties and hoes. It also has living the good life. Another type of rap is emo rap. This consists of music from the more emotional and and traumatic ideas. These are the types of rap music that people listen to when they are trying to get down to life. Last but not least, gang rap. This type of rap has more to do with crime or drug ( in some cases, not all). Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, time to get to some of the sub-genres of rap.

To start, you have the rap that usually consist of booties and hoes. To be honest, this is one of the lesser mentioned genres. Really, If I had to be honest, I would rather say that this is really a sub-genre of living a good the life. The only song I could say that truly talks about this genre is Yo Gotti’s song “Rake it up.”

Next, we have the music that has things to do with jewelry. This is self explanatory. I would say that some artists that usually rap talking about jewelry, but I think three rappers sum it up the greatest. Those rappers are the Migos. Almost every song they do have to consist of a slang for diamonds. Need me to name some? Well, there is stir fry, I get the bag (they were a feature, let it slide), and Ric Flair Drip by Offset (one of the Migos).

Now, you may say that rappers don’t do anything to combat the ideas of songs having booties or hoes. Well, There are two problems with this, most people that say these claims were alive around the time that People like Tupac and Biggie were alive. This say that they may not even listen to these songs to begin with. The next thing is that there are two songs that have touched on these topics. Those two songs are humble by Kendrick Lamar and Ride with the Mob by Asap Ferg ( they touch on the topics, not base the whole song on it).

Well, moral of the story, don’t crucify a topic if you obviously have not done your research.

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If You Haven’t listen to Rap, Don’t Crucify It