Why Welch’s Fruit snacks deserve a Grammy

Yo guys whats going on! Well you know me, I like to write about some of the weirdest things. Well today, I will be talking about why the best gummy snack deserves an award. And yes I am very passionate about this topic. I will be rating all of the flavors. And I will be giving the flavors their corresponding awards.

  1. Welch’s Berries ‘n Cherries: Alright, lets start off with number 1. This specific is very nice and tasty, with a nice variety of berries. But its not too many fruit to overwhelm. The cherries, give a sweet, and also sour twang, while the berries give a nice sweet taste. It is great for a snack, but it is definitely not my favorite on this list. Therefore, it will get a MTV  Video Music Award.Image result for welches fruit snack
  2. Welch’s Strawberry: Next up, or number 2. This one is probably the most generic, and you “love it or hate it” type of gummy. It is the type where, if you like the strawberry gummies in the mixed fruit ones you will like this. But, if you think they are pure trash, then I don’t think you will be into them. I personally like these. They are sweet, and kinda taste like actual strawberries (kinda). So I grant these with a Tony Award.Image result for welches fruit snack
  3. Welch’s Island Fruits: Okay lets get to number 3. We have one of my favorite gummy snacks made by Welch’s. Lets talk about ‘Island Fruits’. I really like these because of a lot of things, their packaging, the flavors, and their fruit choices. Now the fruits have nice, sweet and sour flavors. It feels like your on the beach actually eating the fruit (that is a stretch). The only downside to these, is that I can not find these around that much. So I will have to deduct some points. But nevertheless, this will be getting an Oscar.Image result for welches fruit snack
  4. Welch’s Mixed Fruit: Last but not least! Let us get to the mighty number 4. The last and most important one of them all. The classic ‘Mixed Fruit’ variation of the Welch’s fruit snacks. The ones that your mom, or jimmy’s mom packs him for lunch. These make memories, these make friends (you know when you give these to your friends because you don’t what them). These are amazing and nothing else can surpass them. They have sweet, tangy, sour, and fun flavors packed into a small little pouch of goodness. And for that, I will have to give these snacks the mighty Grammy.Image result for welches fruit snackNow I hope you understand why these fruit snacks all deserve great rewards for being great.