Stone Fire Grill review

Stone Fire Grill is one of my go-to restaurants, they basically have everything and they are not too pricey or fancy. Stone Fire is located in the Fallbrook shopping center with these other stores and restaurants. Where, Chilies,I hop, Redlobster, Tika grill, Coldstone, Menchies, Amc seven, Lane Bryant, School of Rock, Bobs discount furniture (I bought a couch there (I love it)), Trader joes, Old Navy, Daiso, Phoenix salons, home town buffet, Micheals, tjmaxx, Petco, World market, Buy Buy Baby, Sprouts, Ulta beauty, Party city, Ross, Walmart, Olive garden, Burlington coat factory, Stone fire grill, Starbucks, Jamba juice, Baja fresh, Ralphs, Target, Home depot, 24 hour fitnesss, Chuckie cheese, Dentist, Emergency room, Wing stop, Romans carving kitchen, Panda express, Nail salon, Kyoto sushi, Super cuts, Pho so 1, and last but not least Bath and body works. I have personally been to most of these stores/restaurants, and love them all.

Stone Fire has always been a valley favorite. I usually order the pesto pasta which is too die for its the perfect ration of basil and pine nuts with that necessary kick of garlic. I also order there buttery and cheesy basil parmesan breadsticks (You can eat them forever). What kind of meal with it be without a scrumptious salad, I tried their greek salad yesterday and it is my new go to.

Stone Fire you don’t have to sit and wait for someone to bring you water and then ask what you would like to order, it is kind of self-serve. Let me explain when you walk into Stone Fire you get into a line to order at the front. There are paper holder with paper menus on the walls. Once you have ordered you pay there, which I love because you don’t have to wait FOREVER for your check to come.

After paying and ordering you walk to the drink bar and get your own soda or water pick up your silverware, plates, and napkins. This is also where you can get condiments. Food is always very quick to come out and piping hot (Not too hot don’t worry).

I have actually never tried any of the desserts on the menu. I have only tried their mouth-watering brownies. One bight and you are full, they are the richest and delicious brownies I have ever had. This is my review of Stone Fire Grill. Let me know if you would like me to do a review of a restaurant or a product I would love too.