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Touché- Part 9

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Previously on Touché- Part 8: “Huh, I guess I did learn something. But don’t worry Luka, one day I’ll beat you in a match.” He laughed. “Touché.”

I got closer to Joyh who helped me do my moves faster, and Evelyn taught me her moves and tricks. Luka helped me sharpen my moves. Of course, I still hadn’t become a superstar overnight.

“Everyone, time to test what you’ve been practicing!” Miss stepped into the center of a circle she had drawn with chalk. Mateo read off from a list, “Next round goes to MJ and Evelyn.” “Good luck,” I tell Evelyn as she puts on her gear. “With this girl, I’m gonna need it,” she sighs. Mary Jane whipped her hair back, andc walked with every confidence. In truth, I had been copying her postures in the way she walks and in her movments. I had learned something from everyone, really.

“How long are the matches?” I asked Joyh. “There’s three rounds total. A minute and a half each- with a one minute rest.” “What! But that’s so short!” She shrugged. “It’s the standard for our age and abilities. The more you advance and grow older, the more rounds and time you get.”

Mary Jane and Evelyn walked to the circle; setting themselves in the beggining stance. Then, from nowhere, some bell rings. I would have looked around, but the fight was too swift. Evelyn took the first move, but MJ was too quick and struck a counerpunch. Evelyn turned around, and moved aside when MJ tried to hit her. Evelyn then succeeds in her two jabs. However, MJ responded by doing a left hook. Evelyn deflected it by putting her arms over her face. MJ tried in her stomach, but Evelyn shifted her hands to that area.

They took their one minute break. Both of them drank as much water they could get. The rest of the time, Evelyn just flopped herself on the floor. “It’s a hard knock life… for me…” She closed her eyes.

“Combinations,” Miss said. And then, they began to run a round the circle, trying to push eachother off, throwing a couple of combinations here and there. I thought it was quite interesting the way they moved swiftly and boldly. They seemed to balance eachother’s moves, and styles. Finally, they began to wear eachother off, Evelyn more as her moves were getting slow and clumsy. Soon, MJ yelled and threw a hard jab at Evelyn’s dominant arm.  Evelyn then fell back… out of the circle. The bell rang, ending the match time.

“That was amateur,” Miss said. “Come on, they’re still learning,” Matteo said. She squinted at him, “Who’s next?” He looked over the list, “Um, Luka and-” he looked around the room. Gavin smiled and rubbed his hands. “and- Corey! Get up there, kid, you got this!” Corey gave this sassy emo look. Whereas Gavin looked like a beetle just been crushed by a large stinky foot.

They stepped up into the circle. The bell rang. And oh my gosh, what in tarnations have I gotten myself into?!

Right before me. they began to fight, Fight, FIGHT. But this was a pretty dramatic one you can bet. It was a flash of jabs, combinations, counter punches, hooks, uppercuts, a bolo punch, crosses, and parries. It was a really tense match, but Luka won at the end. Of course, Mary Jane ran up to him to congradulate him and blah blah blah. 

“Hey, Danny,” Joyh whispered. I couldn’t move, or speak. I was in total awe; for such passion they had to fight. She giggled. “You know, before I began boxing, a retired boxer told me, “My theory is now yours. The key to physical shape in boxing are your legs. You have to keep them strong, because that’s where your strength comes from as you move, turn, and transfer power to your arms. I mean… I don’t know if it’s right or not, but from every match I’ve seen… real boxers sure do care about their legs.” I looked around, and sure enough, everyone had their legs in great shape. Even the guys- even Gavin, and that’s saying something! “Now I pass elder’s knowledge to you,” she put her hands together. “Thank you, master,” I bowed.

“Ya did great, buddy!” Matteo told Corey. Corey tensed, but soon listened to Matteo. The instructor talked to Corey in private; a very long talk indeed. I watched their faces, Corey seemed pretty down. But soon enough, he began to look… stronger. As if, he had a stronger will… He still looked a little upset, and I don’t blame him. But he had this look in his eye as if… as if he had something I thought I too had lost. Hope. 

I swear I heard him whisper something as he passed by too. Something like:


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