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The Seventh Grade Experience Day One

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About half of this class is occupied by seventh graders, and some of you reading this may be seventh grade students. If you’re not, you’re likely an eighth grader, and can still relate to some of these life experiences.

On my first day of grade seven, I entered my advisory, with friends from last year, but many more strangers. Mr McCabe gives us a warm welcome, and explains that we should stay calm, and not stress out. After a few brief announcements, students talk. Period one begins. McCabe is also my English teacher, so I stay with a few friends, looking for familiar faces entering the door. My heart skips a beat, it’s him. My biggest enemy from all of sixth grade, the dumbest kid I knew, had returned. He said something to me, and I was going insane. How did HE get into honors? I thought. At this point, people around me were concerned at why I was so fearful. Besides that, English was relatively uneventful and boring.

The bell rings again, and period two begins, Escalante time. Many people from my English class frantically make their way upstairs to E222. We stand in line patiently as we look around at people we recognize. The door opens, and our history teacher comes out, yelling for silence. Everyone shuts up. Ms. Escalante gives each student a seat on her chart, ordered by last name, as we enter. Everyone takes out their history textbook as the teacher patrols making sure everyone has their book. We then open to page A39 and practice a document-based question, or “DBQ.” Then nutrition begins, which is relatively uneventful.

The bell rings for period three, science. The whole class is spent putting everyone in their seat. As always, I’m one of the last chosen, so I stand patiently for half an hour, what fun. Then period four, physical education, begins. We go to the tables outside of the MPR and do nothing, it was miserable.

Lunch finally arrives and I can talk to people I know. The half hour ends and math, period five, begins. We choose our seats, and I sit with two kids I know, and one stranger joins us, who I ended up being friends with. We began doing “geometric drawings” which were extremely boring. We drew circles and connected points on the circle, what fun.

Period six begins, journalism, what I’ve been waiting for. I was late due to Mrs. Renslow holding us in to collect our art. I sat in the back next to a smelly kids with long greasy hair. The scent was unbearable and I had to turn away while we were introduced to the class. The day was relatively mediocre.

However, this was only day one. I will go over the general seventh grade experience next week, things you can probably relate to more, and general things that are much more interesting to hear about. But I’m too lazy to do that today.

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The Seventh Grade Experience Day One