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Serena (2) – Part 10

They were always one step ahead of you, Serena.

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This is the continuation of Season 2 of the Serena Series.

I had no idea how long I wandered through the woods. After my very unusual and peculiarly easy escape, I found my way out of the underground hideout and back into the huge forest, which was where I had started out. I wore a teal blue blanket that I had found in a hut back at the hideout as a cape so I wouldn’t get cold. In my hand, I held a lantern that I had found  in one of the empty huts.

My escape was easy. I thought to myself. Too easy.. There was no way that I could have actually pulled that off. Something was fishy about the whole thing. They must have known that I would eventually try some amateur way to escape.  I thought.

They were probably just waiting for me to try something stupid to set me up. Just then, I heard loud, boisterous laughter coming from underground. That’s when I finally realized something. They had let me escape. They did all of this on purpose; and I had forgotten one very important detail.

Emma and my mother and grandmother were heading to the hideout right at this moment, thinking I was safe. And there was no way I could tell them the truth.


I tried to find my way back to the hideout, but I couldn’t find it. I was lost. There was still one thing I didn’t understand. My family was coming to the hideout, and Magnar was planning to kill them there. But what about me? He just let me “escape.” Wasn’t he planning to kill me too?

Suddenly, I remembered something that Skyler had said before he died. He said that Magnar thought there was something special about me. Something significant and special, but he said he that Magnar didn’t tell him what. Maybe.. I thought. Maybe this has something to do with this “special” quality. Maybe this is all part of Magnar’s plan. Whatever is going on in his twisted, cruel mind. 

I still didn’t know why Magnar had become so evil. Skyler said that he was a great father to him and protected him. His heart was some point. Then something happened to make him despise the royals enough to do this to them.

So many questions floated around in my mind. But I knew I had to save them to ask at another time. Right now, I had to find someplace safe to rest for the night. This will all be sorted out someday. I thought to myself. At least..I hope it will. 

After an hour, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. It was about four thirty in the morning. I needed to find a place to sleep for the night..and quick.

I searched my surroundings, with heavy eyelids, trying to find any type of home. Just then, I saw a light coming from somewhere in the distance. “Yes!” I said aloud. “It must be a home! Hopefully they will be kind enough to let me spend the night.”

I headed straight towards the light, desperate and beyond exhausted. I reached a small cottage. It was lit up inside and it looked very, very old. “Hello?” I called. “Kind miss or sir, I am lost and I really need a place to sleep tonight. If you would be so kind and-”

Suddenly, I heard footsteps.

Slow, distant footsteps, coming closer and closer. I felt panic build up inside of me.


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