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Mikey Williams

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Mikey is a normal kid. He goes to middle school, plays baseball, has friends, likes video games, and all the normal guy stuff. It was a normal day when his mom woke him up to go to school. He got dressed, made his lunch, and ran outside to just barely make the bus that drives by his house every morning. When he went on the bus he sat next to his best friend Dax. Him and Dax did everything together. They like the same video games, both played baseball. and watched the same type of movies. One thing Mikey didn’t know about Dax was that he was only imaginary. He had died the year before and Mikey never let go of him. They had a special bond that couldn’t be separated.

The night of Dax’s death Mikey was there beside him just like all the time. It was Friday and Dax wanted to go home and play video games but Mikey wanted to go do something else. He said, “Hey yo Dax, can’t we do something fun tonight?” Dax didn’t like the idea but Mikey eventually said yes.

Mikey didn’t have in mind what he wanted to do yet but he knew he wanted to break the rules and do something dangerous. So he decided that they would go to the Cliff where everyone goes to jump in the water. It was dangerous because there was huge rocks in the water so the boys didn’t know if it was safe to jump in the specific place. A kid had died like 3 years before that because he hit one of the rocks. The drop itself was really far but the rock made it 5 times more dangerous. Dax really hated Mikey’s idea but since they were best friends Dax decided to go along with what Mikey wanted to do.

It was almost dark outside so Mikey and Dax had to hurry up to get to the cliffs. Dax had got scared to jump after Mikey jumped a few times. Dax didn’t want to jump so Mikey decided to push Dax into the water. When Dax hit the water he popped up and said, “That was awesome!” Dax jumped a few more times and was having a great time with Mikey. It was almost 10:00 so the boys had to be home soon. They could only jump one more time. Dax went first. When he jumped into the water Mikey waited for him to pop out of the water and swim back to the shore but Mikey realized that Dax was taking a while to get out of the water. Mikey jumped into the water to see what was up and when he got to the bottom he saw that Dax’s body was floating in the water with blood draining from so many places out of Daxe’s body. He calles 911 and when they got there they tried operating on Dax but he had died that night from hitting one of the rocks.

Mikey and Dax remained best friends by heart.

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Mikey Williams