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I don’t know why I always have problems on weekends.

So I didn’t wash my face one day. I got so many zits. At least thirteen zits. So I used what I can find to get rid of  it. So I found the On The Spot Neutrogena Acne Cream. I was that desperate because I gave it a bad review. I used the whole tube. The tube was tiny though.

*sighs for a long time*

I feel like I lied because it worked.

But……… it only worked for me because I used the whole tube. So my new review is : 8 stars out of 10 stars.

I was so bored and was extremely itchy. I reviewed the Lush Mask of  Magnaminty and I told you why I hated it. It’s a face and body mask so you can put it on your face and you can put it on some parts of the body. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE OFF LIMITS AREA. So I put it on my leg. I took of the mask and there I found tiny bumps. THIS IS THE DEVIL OF ALL FACE MASKS AND I’M NOT OVERREACTING. Whenever I use it bad things happen.  WHO EVER MADE / CREATED THIS FACE AND BODY MASK SHOULD BE SMACKED IN THE FACE.




Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 10pc Pink Brush Set 

Image result for sonia kashuk brush set


I got this for Christmas so I didn’t know what the price was. My mom got it on Amazon and I know that for a fact. I looked up the price and it’s $42.99 + tax, but we have Amazon Prime so we don’t have to pay for shipping. If you don’t have Amazon Prime it’s $42.99 + tax + shipping. So it might be around $50. It’s because of that goat hair. That’s why it’s so expensive. First of all….this does not look limited edition. But I think I know why it’s limited edition. IT’S MADE WITH FREAKING GOAT HAIR.

Bad Things About The Brushes

It’s smells weird, even when I wash it using tone of cleanser and soap, it still had a weird smell. It’s probably because of that GOAT HAIR. Most of the brushes are useless The hairs on each brush are really thick so it don’t make a smooth transition on your face.

Good Things About The Brushes

The hairs on the brushes with not fall off. I swear. It’s easy to clean too.

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