Discontinued foods I wish they’d bring back Pt.3

Yo guys whats up! Its yo girl, back at again with part 3 of Discontinued foods I wished they’d bring back. As you probably know, I really take this stuff seriously. And by stuff I mean food. I am very passionate about food. Okay without further ado, lets get into these foods.


  1. Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup: Okay, starting off the list strong, with some colored ketchup. Ketchup is already amazing, and it is just way better with some great vibrant colors. It was first introduced in 2000. And it was then discontinued later in 2006. Image result for heinz ez squirt
  2. New York Seltzer: Okay next up is a drink that I actually tried about months ago. It is a great carbonated and sweet drink that comes in multiple flavors. But my favorite is the raspberry because it is kind of sweet, and sour. Everybody loved it back in the day, but it was not technically discontinued. The company wen’t bankrupt in 1993.13. New York Seltzer
  3. Nestle Wonder ball: Okay, okay,okay this is where it gets real. We have all heard of kinder eggs, with their magical chocolate egg and toy in the egg, that we all lose, and don’t care about after 5 minutes after getting. But have you heard of nestle wonder ball? No. No you haven’t. Because you were most likely not born yet. It was discontinued in 2004. But imagine, one of the best chocolate companies, making a chocolate egg! With an actual toy inside!  15. Nestlé Wonder Ball
  4. Wonka Oompas: Now lets talk about some peanut butter filled goodness from wonka. As you all should know (and if you don’t learn) peanut butter is the most great substance on earth. And paired up with the second best substance on earth, chocolate, it taste even better. And especially coming from the man himself, Willy wonka, it should taste better. 20. Wonka Oompas
  5. PB Crisps: Now you know that peanut butter is the best food in the world. Then you should know that peanuts filled with butter creme, should be the single best thing on the face of this earth. Everything from the peanut to the cream, just sounds so appealing. It was released in the 1990s. But was later discontinued in 1995. I was great while it lasted. 24. PB CrispsThis is have been just some of the discontinued foods that I would like to have back. There are just so many foods that still so many people don’t know have been released. But all of these food get a ten out of ten in my book.