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Rams 2018 team schedule

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The Rams have made many new additions to their team to make them ready for the tough season ahead of them. The previous season they had a great one and that was without the addition of Ndamukong Suh, Bandin Cooks, Sam Shields, Aquib Talib and Marcus Peters. I know that if the Rams could do awesome without 5 of the greatest players in the NFL then as everyone is saying they are true contenders to be the Superbowl champs. Here is the list of the teams the Rams will be playing at home and away.

San Francisco
Green Bay
Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City

San Francisco
New Orleans

After looking over the schedule many times and looking at the teams players and ways they play the Rams schedule is probably ranked between 15-20 as the hardest schedule. The Rams away game are harder than their home games not because they are the away team and have to travel places. Also, they are playing very dominate teams that play well and have good chemistry. When you look at all the teams in the NFL you can tell that the Rams were the most improved team in the NFL the season before when going from and 4-12 season to a 11-5 which is one of the best improvements by an NFL team ever. The Rams were very good the season before and with all the additions they made in the this off season they are looking like the main team to make it to the Superbowl and possibly even win the it. Unfortunately the Rams are making there new stadium and I have season tickets for them, but because they are spending so much on there new additions and there huge $5 billion stadium. The Rams are going to have the most cap space for there team within the next 2 years because they are going to need many new contracts to keep there star players.
I am very excited for the Rams next season because I am so glad the Rams have used up all of there cap space and picks. When I look at all of the NFL teams I can tell that the Rams may not be the best in the league, but they are defiantly on of the better teams. The Rams have a very tough schedule especially because they are playing great teams on the road. The Rams have the team that can go all the way and not lose in the first round of the playoffs like last season. HORNS UP AND GO MOB SQUAD!!!!!
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Rams 2018 team schedule