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Brandin Cooks trade [RAMS]

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The Rams have made many additions this off-season and they have made it so now they are one of the top teams in the NFL to make it to the Superbowl and possibly even win it. The Rams have made trades to fill all their needs so there is no need to even draft players from the 2018 NFL draft. At the beginning of the off-season the Rams needed 2 corner backs and they got them. The newest trade they made was to the New England Patriots  for Brandin Cooks. The Rams lost their star wide receiver Sammy Watkins to not paying him enough money so the Rams were in desperate need of a star wide receiver. I will be grading the trade based on what the Rams got out of it and how it benefited both teams and did not help them.

                                                                      BENEFITS FOR BOTH TEAMS

The Rams: They were very lucky that they got a star wide receiver by trading their first round pick and a sixth round pick. They were going to draft a wide receiver in the first round, but this addition is better than any addition the draft could hold. The Rams filled their need for a wide receiver and it helped them create more threats for Jared Goff and another offensive star to change up the play style for the Rams offense.

The Patriots: They got a good bargain from this trade because the Patriots are already planning for the future. They are going to need another quarterback to fill in for Tom Brady when he retires and with the addition of this first round pick they could possibly do so. They now are the second team to have 2 first round picks and with the skills they already have on their offense they could be looking at potential game changing threats that could make the Patriots better than they are now.


The Rams: The Rams are now over there salary cap by $5 million which is pretty bad considering they have to pay Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Ndamukong suh, Jared Goff and now possibly even give Brandin Cooks more money. They are in a pretty dangerous position because they have to find a way to cut down there salary cap and keep there team a Superbowl contender team.

The Patriots: The Patriots are now down another wide receiver which is a pretty bad position considering they are going to use there new draft pick on trying to get a quarterback to fill in as backup for Tom Brady. The Patriots are in a big hole needing to fill tons of other positions and now down another wide receiver will make the challenge of building the next Superbowl team a very tough challenge to complete.

I can’t wait to see the Rams in action next season with all of there awesome players.

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Brandin Cooks trade [RAMS]