Pizza Rev is a Full Course Meal

Okay whats up dogs. We back at again with another article about what I live off of (literally it’s food). Well this place is great. It has thick, and thin pizzas (with extra sauce). Because if you don’t have sauce, then you’re lost. But you can’t get to much sauce, or you will get lost in the sauce. You know what I mean? Okay anyways let us get into why  this restaurant is the best ever.

The Service: Now you might be saying “but don’t all major chain of restaurants have great service?” No. They don’t. Well at least not compared to this one. The employees were as the kids these days say “lit”, or if you want me to be more formal, “thicker than a snicker.” They asked us how we were, hello, how we wanted our pizzas topped, you know not normal stuff that employees ask. They were very polite. They asked us if we wanted cheddar or parmesan cheese. Very nice people.

The line: The line was short, and went by very quickly. They worked very affectively. It took around five minutes for everything to be prepared. And it was tasty too. Something that I will talk about in the next paragraph.

The Music: Nice choice of pop, and rap. Not to mention if they had chosen anything less I would not be going there. They played my girl Selena Gomez, and Marshmello. And they also played Logic. So good to say that they had some great choices in music, or some would say “taste.”

The drinks: They were very good. They had one of those cola machines that have like over fifty soda flavors in them. And they also had a very good iced tea selection. With some tropical, raspberry, and plain black flavors. Overall great tasting drinks.

The Food: Now lastly, the food. My brother and I ordered two different courses. His being the white mushroom, and mine being the plain Margarita. Let me just start off by saying they were great. My brother got his “double crusted”, which was as I like to say “thick”. Very nice crust as well. It was very nice and saucy, and flavorful. The mushrooms tasted as if god himself came down and blessed them with his almighty powers. And not to mention the amazing jalapenos which tasted as if they came straight from mexico. But I am not saying that the Margarita was not great. It was very crusty, and saucy, with thin crispy crust. So it was a great experience.

I would definitely recommend going to Pizza Rev.