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Ndamukong Suh Rams decision

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The Rams have been such a great off season team that they fulfilled all of their needs in one season. They were very good in the previous season, but now that they got even better players they have the ability to be an even better team than they were last year.


The Off season So Far For The Rams: The Rams have been on a rampage this off season. They have signed many necessary positions that they were in need of. The Rams at the begin of the off season needed a corner back. They ended up getting 2 corner backs. The 2 CB’s they got are very talented veterans. They are Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. Talib came from the Denver Broncos and came to play under the coaching of Wade Phillips. The Rams were going to take a corner back in the draft, but because they got the 2 corner backs they now can focus on another position they desperately need. This position is a Line Backer. They gave away their captain of the defense Alec Ogle-tree for 2 6th round picks. I was shocked when I heard this news because he was the by far one of the best players on the Rams defense. The Rams are in need of a wide receiver also because they lost Sammy Watkins when they decided to franchise tag Lamarcus Joyner. I hope the Rams find a line backer and a wide receiver in this next years draft.

Rams and Ndamukong Suh: The Rams have been pursuing an defensive lineman for the whole off season. Even though they have been in need of a line backer the Rams would love to get a player to play alongside Aaron Donald. The Rams would use Suh and Donald to attack the QB and never let a running back get through the defensive line and break for a long run. I have a lot of faith that Suh will join the Rams because when he decided to meet with the Rams he was super excited because he would be going back to his hometown. I have season for the La Rams and it is going to be really awesome when Suh joins the Rams.

The Rams are really trying to make an explosion in the league and if they could land Suh then the Rams are looking really good for the start of the next season. The Rams are going to be in the need of a line backer in the draft, but it would be fine because they already filled their need for a defensive lineman.

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Ndamukong Suh Rams decision