International Walkout…

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International Walkout…

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Why was there an international walkout… Why was it on March 14th, Why was from 10:00 am to 10:17 am.

These are some very common questions that people are asking about the school walkout. This walkout was created after the devastating shooting in parkland Florida on February 14th. 17 students at the high school where shot and killed. Several students created a social media outbreak about walking out of class on March 14th. The reason that they made it this specific day was because it \was exactly 1 month after the shooting. The time from 10:00 to 10:17 was to remember the 17 people that died. A lot of schools did not recognize the walkout and “forbid” their students from walking out. Hale charter academy said that there would be consequences for kids who walked out of class or left the school. I personally was going to walk out no matter what but was worried I would only be one of few. Which let me tell you I was not, there were at least 600/700 kids. It was peaceful and successful.  Some parents even showed up on the opposite side of the gate, even cars that were passing by honked. Private schools also participated, some let their students walk out others forbid it. Here is a list of some of the schools that participated.

Hale Charter Academy

Elcomino Real




A.E Right



These are just a couple of nearby schools that participated in the fight against gun violence. Did your school participate or forbid you to participate, I personally think it is unlawful and unethical to forbid students of the freedom to protest and speech. The news also got involved in this they were above our school and several others that day. Watching the news that day was crazy seeing the number of kids that walked out was speechless. I hope that for all of the children and the adults that did walk out that they felt that their message got out. I personally feel that all the school’s protests help to make a change in gun violence and that the NRA will hopefully eventually ban assault rifles, because what good are they doing. No one needs an assault rifle for personal use. Here are some questions to think about before your next protest.

Why am I doing this?

Is it a safe/peaceful protest?

What are the consequences of this protest?

What is the protest about?

Do I know anyone who is protesting this cause?

These are only a couple questions but they are very important for you to answer.