Baltimore Ravens Free Agency

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Baltimore Ravens Free Agency

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The Ravens had very little money to spend this offseason. They had about 9.9 million in cap room which was one of the smallest in the league. They had to make a lot of cuts and restructures to get some money to lure in free agents. Ozzie Newsome has made it clear that the Ravens will restart at the receiver position this offseason. Some of the big name receivers to hit the market were Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, and Paul Richardson. Unfortunately, all of those players desired bigger contacts that the Ravens are capable of offering. Although, they made some smart moves and did the best they could with what was available.  I am going to talk about the moves they made and how they will help them in this upcoming year.


  • Danny Woodhead
  • Austin Howard
  • Ladarius Webb

All of these players were due to make tooo much money in 2018. The goal for the Ravens is to get younger as a whole and letting go these veterans gets them closer to that. Danny Woodhead could hardly stay healthy in 2017 with a hamstring injury. Austin Howard had an ok year but was one of the biggest cap casualties. Ladarius Webb is one of the best Ravens in recent memory and one of the few on the team since the 2012 Super Bowl win. He is a leader on the team but wasn’t getting any younger and showed some signs of ageing last year. All of these moves contributed to the Ravens having some money to spend on free agents.


  • John Brown WR
  • Ryan Grant WR

The Ravens couldn’t afford some of the bigger name receivers but they did a good job to find younger cheaper talent. John Brown is a smaller receiver with great speed. His best year was in 2015 when he had 1,000 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns. Since then, he has battled some injuries but has still been making plays for the Cardinals. He will be used a lot in the Ravens offense mostly out of the slot position. His speed will be good  for when he gets open deep because of Flaccco’s huge arm.  These were the types of players that the Ravens needed to get to help make the offense more explosive. The best thing about this is that they didn’t over pay for him. The contact is 1 year for 5 million dollars and is a “prove it” deal for John Brown. The next signing came out of nowhere. Ryan Grant is only 27 years old and is a very reliable receiver. He has good speed and hands but more importantly is reliable. He runs great routes and Flacco and him will make a good connection together. Many Redskins fans were upset about this move because he was one of their players that had a lot of potential in the future. He will fit right into this offense as a starting receiver that the Ravens have a very bright future in.

This is only the beginning for the Ravens offseason and it will be interesting to see how they build on from here. These moves as a whole make there receiving core much improved and their offense more explosive. This is a good first step in the right direction. I think that the Ravens should still add more talent at receiver and tight end during this offseason. The Ravens chances to get Calvin Ridley are now higher than ever considering the Bears signed free agent receivers in free agency.

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