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Serena (2) – Part 6

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This is the continuation of Season 2 of the Serena Series.

I was completely, utterly speechless.

“E-Em….Sh-she…I-I…” “Exactly.” The boy said. “Your little friend, she’s the biological daughter of the most menacing, malicious villain in Azura,”

My jaw dropped. “and here she is, thinking she’s just a normal person.” He chuckled. “Don’t you dare laugh.” I said. “Emma is my closest, most trustworthy friend. We are like sisters. And now I found out that her dad is my ENEMY!”

“Okay, okay. Geez.” The boy said. He glanced at the clock on the wall. “Look, I know that this is a huge shock for you, but if you want to get out of here the time is now. It is almost midnight.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. He stared at me, confused. “You’re turning against your own dad for me. You’re breaking all the rules just to help me, and I haven’t showed much gratitude towards you. I’ve been so selfish and caught up with my own life, I haven’t acknowledged what you’re doing right now.”

There was a minute of silence.

“Oh, uh, well, it’s no problem. I wanted to escape this place for a long time. I just couldn’t because I didn’t know where else to go. I don’t want to help my father and the rest kill you and the whole royal family. I can’t let them brainwash the whole town. I feel like I’m meant to make a difference, and I finally have the opportunity to.”

I smiled at him. He smiled back. “Come on, let’s go find your sister.” He untied me and we exited the small tent. It was freezing out. A cold breeze blew against our faces. I shivered. “Follow me.” The boy said to me.

I quietly followed him. I could hear the whispers of people watching over the tents. Other than that, it was dead silent. We walked around the hideout until we found a huge tent in the very back of the hideout.

“I think this is it.” The boy said, motioning to the hideout. There were rebels surrounding it. “How are we going to get in there?” I asked. “Me.” The boy replied. “They still think I’m one of them. I need to distract them while you go in and free your sister.” I nodded. “How are you going to distract them?” He took a deep breath and went in.

“Hello, men.” He said firmly to them. I stifled a laugh. Men. He sounded so formal and proper. “Ah, Skyler.” One of the rebels said. Skyler. I thought. So that’s his name. Skyler “There is an emergency. I need you right away.” Their eyes widened curiously.

“It’s the second princess. The one we just captured. Serena. She has escaped. You must go tell Magnar right away. I will guard Helena.” The rebels quickly got their armor and ran away. “Why did you blow me off?” I asked him when they were out of sight.

“It’s the only thing they would listen to. The only thing that would be urgent enough for them to leave their post. Come on, we barely have any time until they find out I was lying and come after us both.”

I nodded, and entered the tent. It looked really similar to mine. A dirty bed in the corner, and a small wooden table. “Helena!” I called quietly. “It’s me, your sister, Serena! I’m here to get you! Where are you?” I waited a minute or two. There was no response.

“Helena, are you here?” I asked again. “What do we have here?” A deep voice said from behind me. I jumped, startled and turned. The rebel warriors stood behind me, holding Sky, with tape over his face. “Skyler!” I yelled. “How are you here? Why do you have Skyler?” “We never left to go check on the ‘missing’ princess.” One said.

“We knew something was up, so we returned right back halfway there. Skyler here has been acting so strange lately. We didn’t trust him to watch the princess. And here we are. This little traitor, and you, searching hopelessly for your sister.”

“It’s not hopeless! I will find her!” I exclaimed. “Oh really?” He said. “Oh, I’m sorry little princess, but we got rid of her weeks ago.”



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Serena (2) – Part 6