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My Math Class and A Review of Outbreak

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So today, one of my friends and I were thinking of making an article with two ideas. One of my ideas and one of my friend’s ideas because I felt that an article of more than one idea keeps you engaged and things of the such. Anyways apart from that, time to start the article.

Well I really did not want to write this article, but this has gotten out of hand and I sorta want to talk about it. The topic I want to talk about is my math class but more about the teacher that runs it. Anyways here are the reasons I don’t enjoy the class as much as I did last year when I had this teacher.

To begin, I don’t like the colors of the classroom. More or less it is because the class it never lit up. Imagine this, you walk into a class on the first day and you go into a class a see one of the lights off. Not sure about you but that would make me think that the class is a class not to enjoy and is more depressing than the rest of the other classes you may have. Another thing I don’t like about it is the teacher that runs the class and the system she has. The reasons being is that the teacher expects you talk, you get in trouble. The teacher wouldn’t see you explicitly talk and say your talking, And we basically do nothing except an introduction that our class most the time spend at least the whole period ( if were lucky, 40 minutes, and if we are really lucky it would be 30 minutes). Another thing This teacher does is check one assignment instead of all of them. Now, you could say that this would be an advantage since you could do one assignment and the teacher would check it. No, this this teacher rolls some die in first period and what ever the die roll on is what the teacher checks. You can say you were not there for the work, but she says to you that you should have talked to your colleagues (yes, she say it like that) so either way you don’t win in the class. You lose. Another reason I don’t like this system is that you could get so much more points than what you actually get. Last thing I hate about that class is how the teacher does things in the last ten minutes. Actually let one of my friend’s explain it and i’ll add on  from there. This is the person’s response. ¨Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I don’t think so.¨ To put this in easier terms the teachers lecture you for talking which leads to the last five minutes and expects you ton work until there is one minute left and you have to wait an eternity to get the homework and excuses you on how much talking you did by row. You may have not been talking and then the teacher assumes you did and you end up being dismissed with rather everyone talking or with the people that were quiet. Anyway, moral of the story. You get this teacher or an even worse teacher than who I talked about… Good luck to you.

Now it is time for the more happy part of the article and one some may have been waiting for… the review on Outbreak from my friend.

Outbreak is the new mode in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six Siege which is only available for a month. I think that it is a fun mode and is a good addition to the game because it is basically a left for dead with more story. I think this mode is better enjoyed with friends than by yourself so the moments become more enjoyable and in some cases, funnier. The best loadout to have is the sasg-12 with the pmm with some c4 for it to become challenging, but still a little easy. Overall, I think that outbreak should have a 7.5/10 for only one reason which is that it would more interesting with more story than what it already has.

Anyway, what did you think of this idea. Do you like it?

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My Math Class and A Review of Outbreak