Lonzo Ball Update

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Lonzo Ball at the start of the 2017-2018 season had a rough time. He was a rookie coming into the league with a lot of hype. He started getting better and then something bad happened. He tore his MCL and was out until soon after the All Star Weekend which is also disappointing because if he didn’t get injured he might have made the All Star lineup. He has just recently came back and even though he is still hurt his stats are crazy for a rookie who just came back from a big injury. The Lakers were doing really good with Lonzo but then he got hurt and the Lakers started losing a bunch of games. He came back recently and now there starting to win games and now people are even talking about the possibility of the Lakers making the playoffs and even though people have their doubts I think that the only reason Lakers are starting to good is because of him. People have there doubts though because he came back right when Lakers traded for Isiah Thomas and people are saying he is the reason they’re doing good.

Lonzo’s Recent Games

Lonzo Ball has had great games so far and I am shocked after him coming back from a huge injury. He has had crazy recent games proving my point on how he is not a bust and just needed time to adapt in to the league. I went to the Lakers vs. Cavaliers NBA game and got to see him play. It was probably his worst game since he came back from his injury but it was still an exciting game. Lakers look like they have a chance at making the playoffs because since they got Lonzo back they have been winning games. I have been surprised because at the beginning of the season everyone said he was the reason the Lakers were losing but they lost way more without him and now with him back they are starting to win again so he is only proving those people wrong. His stats have been pretty good recently and I can’t believe that Lakers fans are still doubting him. That is the one thing I don’t get because he is basically carrying us to the playoffs and people want the Lakers to cut him. Besides that, Lakers and Lonzo have been doing good recently so that is the good thing.

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