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Eighth Grade

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Eighth grade is crazy, it is the hardest and most fun year of all three middle school years. Eighth grade is full of fun, sadness, happiness, hard work, and respect. The school part of the eighth grade is crazy, you are basically responsible for everything. All your work, work ethics and you determine your grade in all of your classes. Hopefully, as I said in my past article that you have made some good friends in sixth and seventh grade so that you will have close friends for your eighth-grade year.

In eighth grade, there is a lot of pressure to culminate. To culminate all you need to do is not fail more than two classes and not get more than two u’s. At hale, you get graded for each class for your work habits and corporation. There are three possible grades you can get. You can get a U for unsatisfactory, a S for satisfactory or a E for excellent. You should always aim for the top but if you get a couple of S’s you will be perfectly fine. Kids can be mean, kids may call you names, make fun of you, even hurt you physically. DO NOT LET IT GET TO YOU. Unless you are in danger brush it off.

The best way to get a problem solved is to walk away or talk to your counselor. Talking to your counselor can be easier than talking to the dean or principal because usually, they are more likely to call the other person in and someone gets in trouble. Your counselor wants you to graduate and to succeed, you have your counselor for all three years so you should talk to them and get to know them. They are always there to help/talk to you about school-related stuff or stuff that is going on at home.

Now let’s talk about high school if you are planning to apply to different schools LISTEN UP. You need to make sure you have had good grades all three years or if you do get into that school you might have to take summer school. There are so many public amazing schools that you can apply to if you’re not in the district. Such as Oak Park, Calabasas High school, El Camino Real, and Santa Susana. For private schools, here are a few: De Teledo, Chaminade, Luiville, Crespi, Oaks christian. The schools that I named are just a couple there are so many different high school options. Good luck in middle school and high school.

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Eighth Grade