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Color Changing Clifford

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Once upon a time, there was this dog named Clifford. Clifford is not what you think he is. He is not always red. He is not big. Clifford is a regular sized dog that is only six years old. But, there is something very unique and special about Clifford. He can turn mostly any color possible, but he can not be multi colored at once. He can only have a couple spots of only one certain color besides the rest of his skin. His original skin color is black. His skin changes depending on his moods, what he eats, and where he is, and what he is doing. Clifford never really does not change colors, he mostly is always different colors. It is pretty and psycho and cool!

Clifford has an owner named Jenny. Clifford loved her so much and she loved Clifford back. They were the best pair of dog and owner. Clifford and Jenny one day went to the park and Clifford got so much sand all over him because he rolled in the sandbox. Guess what color Clifford turned? Tan! Clifford’s color changes last for about half an hour unless he does something in a shorter period of time that can make him change colors of his skin. After Clifford went to the park, about two hours later, he was still hot from the park so Jenny and him went swimming in the public pool near Jenny’s apartment. When Clifford got out of the pool, he was light blue. Jenny put a white towel on him and he turned white because all the blue went off onto the towel since the water turned him blue.

Clifford started to feel sick so he turned green because he kept throwing up and and felt like puking. Clifford had hot tea that looked like the color dark brown, so of course, Clifford turned dark brown. Jenny gave him dog soup that looked red so Clifford turned bright red. He then got told to rest by Jenny. He decided to take an hour and a half nap. His sheets are purple so for half an hour of his nap, he was purple. When he woke up from his nap, he was black, but with little spots of faded purple on his skin.

Clifford really did not feel good so he was sad and upset. He turned bright blue because his mood was sad. To cheer him up, Jenny took him to McDonalds. Clifford wanted to get a double burger, large fries, and a vanilla soft serve cone. He ate it all up in five minutes because he was super hungry. Clifford was relieved because he needed junk food to make him feel good. After he ate a burger, fries, and ice cream, he got very thirsty so Jenny took him to Starbucks and he got iced tea. He felt refreshed by the Starbucks because it was cold and it was pretty hot outside. After he got Starbucks, Jenny drove Clifford home and then they went to go swim in the pool. Clifford felt pretty good and he had a great time going swimming.

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Color Changing Clifford