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Middle School

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Going to middle school is one of the toughest things for a child/young teen to do/go through. Middle school is full of bullying, changing, hard work, anxiety, friendships, breakups, fun, laughter, joy. All positive and negative things will happen. In middle school almost everyone in sixth grade is immature at first you are just coming from elementary, you are trying to figure a bigger school out. It is hard and challenging, going from 1 to 2 classes a day to going to six different classes every day. It is crazy at first. A cool thing about middle school is you kind of get a fresh start from elementary. You get a chance to make new friends, make new enemies as well. It is also hard sometimes to fit in because maybe you have blue hair or your shoes are levis, not vans. QUICK TIP: DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES OPINION. It is also challenging having a bigger workload. There is a lot more homework than elementary school. At first, it may be hard to find who you are going to sit at lunch with for the rest of the year. Try sitting with different people every day/week. After about a month or two, you will find who you will sit with. Somedays maybe you will be alone but don’t worry you will find you’re “click”. Let’s go to seventh grade, by seventh grade you will hopefully have a few good friends to hang out with inside and outside of school, better work habits, know your way around the school and be organized. Having good work habits is one of the biggest things that teachers care about. Having good work habits means, being independent, not talking while the teacher is talking, doing your classwork silently and DOING YOUR HOMEWORK. QUICK TIP: HOMEWORK COUNTS, HOMEWORK ADDS UP IF YOU DON’T DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR A COUPLE WEEKS YOUR GRADE WILL GO DOWN. Being organized is more for yourself so that you know where all your homework, supplies, etc… is. In seventh grade lunch should be easier than sixth grade, because hopefully, you will have made some good loyal friends. Sadly in seventh grade, there is a lot more drama. Especially with girls, girls will get in fights with other girls saying blank is talking bad blah blah, etc. Middle school is rough but I know you can get through it. Next week I will be talking about eighth grade.

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Middle School