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Three-Pitch Black

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We depart from the dock the next day on our trip to the mines of Tierra de Brea. We are surprised to see that there is no water. “How are we supposed to get to the mines if there is no water. Are we going to levitate or something.” Merlin questions. “Yes, in fact you are.” a voice interrupts. “Hi my name is Zultun, I will be flying you to Cloudburst Forest where you will enter the mines from.” We look in shock as we board the small levitating canoe.

The infinite sky below us gives me a fear. We could be attacked by Morganthe’s flying creatures at any moment. In the middle of the trip, we finally see Cloudburst Forest. “Land Ho” Zultun yells. We arrive on the island only to a lush green forest with colors and flowers the size of my torso. We begin following the path and see the gate to Teirra de Brea. We see Shadow Weavers, guards of Morganthe. “How are we supposed to get through them” Allyssa says. There are symbols on the door. λ ∑ ℘ φ and Ω. “Those symbols of the door are the same as the symbols on the Shadow Weavers. If we defeat them I think we can unlock the door. So let’s go.” I say.

We engage the Shadow Weavers countering them by baiting out their teleportation abilities. We then strike their symbols stunning them. Merlin finishes them off with a storm attack on all of them shocking them. Shadow Weavers drop keys as they disappear. The keys automatically enter the locks opening the massive gate. The waterfall stands a few feet from us with the mine entrance behind it.

Map of Tierra de Brea

I can feel the dust being picked up by the wind entering my body. “Welcome to Tierra de Brea.” the Aztecasaur greets. “Hello, my name is Otomi Farspike, I am the head of the mining operation, what is your business here.”

“Hi, yes, were are here to find the moonstone and the next pyramid. ”

“Oh, I’m afraid that is not here, it is located in the Pitch Black Lake. The area was flooded with tar, along with the chamber of the moonstone.” Otomi says.

“So we dive?” I say

“Yes, you will need a brew of emerald and gold to let you breath underwater. Go collect some from our local miners, say I sent you.”

We move across the mines collecting emerald and gold. Merlin even takes a few for himself.

We return to Otomi giving him the crystals. He brews it quickly giving us the potion and sending us off.

I run up to the tar filled lake along with everyone behind me.

Map of The Pitch Black Lake

“Here goes nothin.” Robert yells as he jumps in.

I dive next, automatically I fell heat run through my body, then it disappears. Instead of seeing a baren underwater hot mine, we see a utopia of Crustaceans and fish. The old building have become housing for them. We explore the mines arriving at the tall pyramid. Tar runs below the plateau that we stand on. Burning hot volcanoes create a void of animals around them. We have one small problem though. Two undersea plants block our path.

“Come on, it’s easy, they are just a few plants.” Robert jokes.

He tries to walk through them, but when he gets close, they pounce on him. He is forced to back off.

We hear a voice call, “Hey, hey you, you need some help getting through those plants? I got the remedy.”

Cautiously we approach the Crustacean.

“Hello, my name is Xapotec. I care for the plants. If you want to pass, you gotta give them what they want. Usually they prefer 3 precious stones. I had remembered that Merlin had taken extra stones.

“Hey why don’t you give those extra emeralds that you had.”

He checks his pockets and smiles. We walk up to the plants and put it in front of them. They open up and let us pass.

We arrive at the pyramid. We quickly enter. A ghost of the father of the King of Zocalo appears. Morganthe follows up soon.

“We meet again child.” Morganthe exclaims.

“Uh, you know her?” Merlin says.

“On that day of the celebration she came to me.”

“And you didn’t tell us!” Allysa, Robert and Merlin all exclaim.

“I didn’t want to scare you, I wanted to keep your morale up. Look we can’t argue now, we need to stop Morganthe.”

“Oh it is too late for that child.” Morganthe infests the ghost of the king with Shadow. “Neza, get them!” She disappears into the darkness.

The King’s body turns dark as he yells in agony. He can no longer speak or think, he just destryons. Unable to control himself, he just launches rays of energy everywhere. Allysa casts a second forcefield, but it won’t hold. The pyramid begins to fall apart, as columns fall off.

“Allyssa, get us out of here!” We quickly leap with the forcefield on us outside the pyramid.

We were just on time. Right as we stepped out, the pyramid collapsed into the infinite, hot and blazing tar, never to be seen.

We leave the lake traumatized at the amount of shock that entered our body, only to discover that Tierra de Brea had been destroyed. Apparently the collapse of the pyramid triggered a tremor that collapsed the unstable mine. Otomi is running around with the medics checking on everyone. The devastation is incredible. Aztecan medics from the City of Alto Alto run into the mine.

8 hours later…

After everything had been cleared, we exit the mine. Our next mission is Alto Alto. We must speak to the King and gather a coalition against Morganthe’s armies. The entire trip there, we remain quiet, until we notice the green and bright city. The Great City of Alto Alto stands in front of us.


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