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Wizard 101 Part 4

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This is continuation of the previous part(Part 3) and also the fourth part of the storyline.

ZAFARIA- Zafaria is the next world in the storyline arc. It is home to the Lions, Zebras, Elephants and Gorillas. You are called here after wizard students on a fieldtrip go missing. Wizards discover that high tensions run throughout Zafaria, as ancient tribes clash over territory and resources, while Morganthe’s agents sow the seeds of chaos. As war threatens to sweep over the grasslands and penetrate deep into the jungles, Morganthe plots to recover the heart of her lost power, and fulfill the words of prophecy.  In this African theme world, you will progress through many plot twists, betrayals, and darker storylines. Mobs here range from 1,500 to 2,300 health. Bosses range from 5,000 to 11,000 health.

Baobab Cross/Baobab Crown/Baobab Market- You are in the most rich and populated city in all of Zafaria. It is a cultural combination of many different animal kingdoms. Many cultures of animals live here as one united city. It is your job to convince the council to open the gates to the Savannah after they refused to let anyone in due to reports of bandit attacks.

Savannah- You are finally allowed into the arid Savannah. The Infected Lion Manes continue to ravage through the Savannah. This turns into a war between the two lion clans, the Thornpaw and Darkmane. The thing is, they are being poisoned. King Mansa of the Thornpaw and Queen Tanei have also been poisoned which lead to the stupid decisions which lead to war between the two clans. You must travel across the Savannah to the King and Queens Palace’s and free them from the curse. Then restore the waterhole, resolve differences and find the students.

Zamunda/Zamunda Outskirts- Capitol of the Zebra kingdom, this walled city is the seat of power of Shaka Zebu. From under the shade of a young Baobab tree, he keeps a tight rein on the quarrelsome stallions of his subject tribes. Convince the zebras to help you find the students.

Stone Town- Stone Town is the capitol city of the Elephant nation. Queen Aryana Silvertusk rules over her people from the Darajani Palace. The Darajani Zoo has a student in it. She thinks he’s an animal. Bring her a better and cooler animal in order to free the student without angering the queen.

Waterfront- Waterfront is a section of Stone Town that overlooks the river. Due to restrictions enforced by the elephants, travel to the Drum Jungle or Stone Town can only be achieved by boat (Mago Onetusk’s or Sobaka’s respectively).

Drum Jungle- The Drum Jungle is home to the Gorillas, led by Kallah Silverback. You must use Mago Onetusk’s boat from the Waterfront to reach this location. The missing teacher is reported here being held by the ravenous tribesmen.

Elephant Graveyard- The Elephant Graveyard is where the elephants are laid to rest. This includes former Queen Elissa of Stone Town. Find her and get her advice on how to stop Morganthe.

Mirror Lake/Shining Mountain- The sacred waters of Mirror Lake are found atop Shining Mountain. This is where Merle Ambrose and the Council of Light trapped Morganthe’s heart of darkness, her Deck of Shadows. Stop Morganthe from regaining her deck of shadows.

AVALON- Welcome to Avalon, home world of the Headmaster of Ravenwood. Avalon is the silver city, a medieval fantasy world of knights, goblins, giants, and dragons. Merle helped the young warrior-bear Artorius become king of Avalon. However, once King Artorius fell in the final battle slaying his archrival, Malory, he left to teach magic at Ravenwood. You are on a quest to secure the Sword of Kings, the legendary blade of Avalon once held by King Artorius, you must face Morganthe’s minions.


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Wizard 101 Part 4