Pho 999

On Sunday March 3, I was sitting on my couch writing and I didn’t know what to do. My friend had just texted me, hey wanna go to Pho. I said yes that would be awesome. I asked her who were we going with and what pho place where we going to. She said we are going with one other girl and we are go to pho 999. She said it is this awesome pho place in Reseda. I said, okay i’m down. So my dad drops me off at the pho place, and it is not in the best neighborhood but it was very cute inside. When you walk in there is a huge golden buddah that is absolutley beautiful. The restaurant is a seat yourself restaurant. IT has red leather seats and a plastic like table. The seats a are very comfortable. Within a couple minutes someone came and greeted us and gave us menus. The service was okay, I ordered an Arnold Palmer and he just said okay water. The menu had a very good variety of soups and meat dishes. I am currently Vegetarian and I was going to order the tofu veggie soup, but when I read what was in it. It said that there was beef broth, so I asked if they had veggie broth. So they substituted the beef broth for the veggie broth. Our soups came fairly fast and THEY WERE SO BIG. They where huge bowls of broth, noodles, vegatables, and tofu. I did not think that I was going to like it but little did I know. It was the best soup I have ever had. The soup was super hot, they put a lot of noodles (Which is a good thing). They also put a lot of vegatables. The restaurant was not very busy there was like one family and a couple couples. The soup somehow never got cold it always stayed warm/hot. The waiters were all sitting in the back of the restaurant which I thought was kind of weird, but convenient if we needed something. Overall I had an amazing experience at this pho place although it was a bit hard to communicate to some of the waiters, still a great experience. They do not give you your checks you have to go up to the cash register to pay. The prices are moderate and fair for the amount of food you are getting. It was around 9 dollars for one bowl. Thank you so much for reading.