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Eminem Pt 1

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born October 17, 1972 in St Joesph, Missouri. Otherwise known as Eminem, one of the best rappers of our age. Eminem had a troubling childhood. He never knew his father who abandoned him when he was only an infant. With the absence of his father it only left his mother Deborah Mathers to care for him. She couldn’t hold a job for more than a few months. They would spend most of their lives in housing projects. They moved constantly from Missouri and Detroit. He would change schools about every 2 to 3 months. He was constantly getting bullied and had no close friends. Besides that his mother was addicted to prescription medication and constantly got beat him and abused him. As a teenage dropout he found a way to express himself through writing. He wrote lyrics and expressed himself through those lyrics. He was into hip-hop and listened to N.W.A. He would constantly compete in rap battles in Detroit. He soon became a respected figure in Detroit’s underground rap scene. He soon dropped the “Slim Shady LP” with the help of Dr. Dre, one of the most respected producers to this day.

With the drop of this LP he caught fame, glory, and hate. The album was constantly making fun of gays, lesbians, and much more. He quickly became public enemy number one. Hated more than loved. Eminem didn’t care though. He continued to pump out more music until he released “The Marshall Mathers LP” he continued to gain more fame and attention. He also shortly after released a movie called “8 Mile.”  The movie was a short documentary on the life of Eminem growing up and all his challenges as a young man.

The world was starting to know about the artist Eminem. After the success of The Marshal Mathers LP. Eminem said that he wasn’t going to take a break. He got hooked on prescription drugs and faced many personal issues during that time. Him and his wife Kim Mathers divorced and leading to many on and off relationships until 2006 when he remarried Kim. In 2007 he started to slip further into alcoholism and painkillers and nearly overdosed. Knowing that he had to get his life on track he started making music and 2009 he released “Relapse”. He started to come back and in 2010 he released “Recovery” with hit song “Love The Way You Lie” This concludes the first part of this short biography on Eminem.


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Eminem Pt 1