Pho So 1

Pho so 1 located in the Falbrrok strip mall. Where, Chilies,I hop, Redlobster, Tika grill, Coldstone, Menchies, Amc seven, Lane Bryant, School of Rock, Bobs discount furniture (I bought a couch there (I love it)), Trader joes, Old Navy, Daiso, Phoenix salons, home town buffet, Micheals, tjmaxx, Petco, World market, Buy Buy Baby, Sprouts, Ulta beauty, Party city, Ross, Walmart, Olive garden, Burlington coat factory, Stone fire grill, Starbucks, Jamba juice, Baja fresh, Ralphs, Target, Home depot, 24 hour fitnesss, Chuckie cheese, Dentist, Emergency room, Wing stop, Romans carving kitchen, Panda express, Nail salon, Kyoto sushi, Super cuts, Pho so 1, and last but not least Bath and body works. I have personally been to most of these stores/restaurants, and love them all. The customer service is usually on par, and the actually food/merchandise is delicious/amazing, but today we are going to be talking about a newer restaurant to the strip mall called Pho so 1. I have always wanted to try pho so one day me and my whole family went and ate here. Entering and getting a table in the restaurant was easy and delightful we were able to be seated very quickly, and ordered shortly after that. The food took a while to prepare, but one we received it was scolding hot. Which is a great thing, the pho is actually made out of rice noodles, which I have also never had they were amazing. The pho itself is made in a delightful light broth with sides of raw bean sprouts and some type of lettuce with some lime. I was kind of curious to why they had given me that plate, y dad said that you put that into the pho, it tasted so good with it. My mom decided not to get pho she got a chicken plat with a red sauce. She did not like her dish very much, she said the sauce was to sweet for the chicken. I was so full by only half of my bowl so I asked her to try some of my soup she absolutely LOVED it. My dad ordered a beef pho bowl when his came I kid of got anxious because the beef looked very under cooked, he told me you have to wait a couple minuted to eat because the boiling water will cook the meat. Which suprisingly it did. He said his pho was absolutely amazaing. Overall this was a great experience and I fully recommend it, and will be going back soon.