2018 NFL Combine

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2018 NFL Combine

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Every single year all of the top college prospects travel to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to showcase their talents to scouts across the country. This year was no different. Most of the big name players participated while others wanted to wait until their pro day. The Combine is meant for top tier players to solidify themselves in the top rounds and for long shots to work their way up draft boards. All of the players arrived on Tuesday February 27th and Wednesday January 28th. They first took medical exams, intelligence quizzes, body measurements, weigh ins, and team interviews, After all of that they then participated in the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, long jump, 3 cone shuttle drill, bench press, and individual position drills. The running backs, offensive lineman and specialists worked on Friday, March 2nd. The quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends worked on Saturday, March 3rd. Linebackers and defensive lineman were on Sunday, March 4th. An the defensive backs including corners and safeties were on Monday, March 5th. There were many standout performances from each position group as well as some disappointments. I am going to talk about who raised their draft stock and who lowed it from each position group that took place at the Combine.



– Desmond Harrison is coming from a small school that dominated at West Georgia. He is a smaller lineman in size but has good height. He really impressed me with his speed on the 4o yard dash which was a 4.90 and the offensive line drills. He benched well and was one of the more athletic lineman testing that day. On the pass blocking drills he really stood out to me. He was so quick and had great lateral movement while shuffling. He did good with the run blocking bag drills as well. I think that his Combine performance boosted his draft status to possible day two pick.

– Orlando Brown was one of the more talked about lineman going into the Combine. He didn’t start off well by only bench pressing 245 pounds 15 times. After, he said it was a mistake in his execution. He then ran a sub par 4o that was the worst out of all of the lineman at 5.00. In the active drills he looked better but still looked like his feet were stuck in mud on a few reps. This isn’t the end of the world for him because everyone has a bad day at it is hard to perform on such a big stage. For example Antonio Brown had one of the worst Combine performances in recent memory and you can see how he panned out. He will have. another opportunity at his pro day but this performance did not help his draft stock at all.


– Saquon Barkley was considered to be the best running back coming into the draft in a couple of years. He is a explosive playmaker and can really be a game changer. He started off with a very impressive 29 reps on the bench press which was best out of all the running backs. He then jumped a 41 inch vertical which is higher than Alvin Kamara. To top it all of he ran a 4.41 40 yard dash which is higher than Odell Beckham, Julio Jones, and Antonio Brown. He also looked very fluid in the route running drills both deep and short routes. We already knew that Barkley is a special talent that was going to be picked in the first round, but with this performance he definitely locked himself in at a top 5 pick.

– Justin Crawford went to West Virginia and was going to need a stellar performance too boost him into the higher rounds. He ran a 4.90 40 yard dash which is disappointing. His vertical and long jump were they needed to be. But, the biggest issue I saw in him today was during the live running back drills. He was stuttering and slipping constantly on the cone drills. He made a wrong move on a juking drill and turned the wrong way on the Gauntlet drill. He also dropped a few balls and got on himself frequently. Again, this is not a big issue at all and it can be fixed. It is disappointing though, because he was a great college player and just under preformed.


– I think that multiple quarterbacks had terrific days today such as Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson. Overall, I think that Josh Allen looked the best today in all of the drills. He ran the fastest with a 4.70 40 yard dash and looked the best in the throwing drills. He showed his very strong arm on the deep patterns and his touch on the intermediate passes. He maintained his accuracy throughout the day and his throwing motion looked fluid all day. He was projected to go somewhere in the first round of the draft but with this performance I don’t think he will slip out of the top ten. I expect a lot of teams trying to trade up for him.

– Quintin Flowers is a very raw prospect that was going to need a good day to be picked on day two or three of the draft. He ran the fastest 40 out of all the quarterbacks at 4.63. The rest of the drills he was definitely struggling. His mechanics were not in sync when dropping back and throwing the ball. His accuracy was very inconsistent all day at times being very nice and other times being off. He will need to tune up his throwing mechanics before the draft if he wants to be a starter or a legit backup in the league.


– DJ Chark was a standout from the Senior Bowl and caught a lot of attention then. At the Combine, he came out and ran a 4.34 which was the best out of all the receivers. He had a good long jump and then had a vertical jump of 40″. He was consistent all day on the routes and catches. He looked the best in the Gauntlet drill as well. His role on a NFL team would be mostly from the slot position but could occasionally lineup outside to start matchup problems. With this performance I think he will be drafted in the 2nd round of the draft and will be a day one impact starter.

– Quadree Henderson ran a decent 40 time and had good jumps. He was also at the top of the list when it came to the benchpress. He started off well in the catching drills but towards the end fell apart. He dropped the last two passes on the Gauntlet drill and double caught most of the passes on routes. This isn’t the end of the world for him because he had a great college career and will have another opportunity to prove himself and his catching skills at his Pro Day.


– I think that all of the tight ends that took place today had a really solid day and there weren’t many disappointments. I did see a few players standout such as Mike Gesecki, Mark Andrews and Ian Thomas. Mike Gesecki had a very fast 4.55 40 yard dash and a 40″ vertical jump. Mark Andrews and Ian Thomas both also ran pretty fast 40’s and ran great on the routes. I think that all three of these players will be gone in the first three rounds and will all be a big factor in their offenses.


Marcus Davenport is I g from a smaller school but is a really good prospect. He has good size and speed and is built very similar to future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware. He ran a good time and put up a good amount of bench presses. It was clear that he was the most athletic defensive lineman their. He will probably be picked somewhere in the first round and I will be shocked if he slipped into the second round.


The rest of the players are yet to participate in the combine yet but will shortly. In coclusion, the Combine is always fun to watch even if you aren’t an NFL scout because it introduces you to the up and coming stars in the league.


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