Thickest Chipotle Life Hax

Yo guys whats going on. Today I will be talking about the place that all of you heard of. And that all of you either love or hate. The place that literally every white girl says is “bae”. So, for all of you people that love Chipotle, here are some life hacks for making your experience better.

  1. Double Guac Tactic: Now since Chipotle workers definitely have something up their butts. You should not ask for “extra guac”. Because they will get that “extra quac” and tap the spoon until that “extra guac” becomes one scoop of guac. So instead of asking for extra, ask for guac, then when they put it on the bowl, or burrito, and them ask for another scoop. Life Hack! 
  2. Guac Burrito hack: Now this one is also a guac hack, but it is genius. If you feel that the guac is uneven on your burrito most of the time, then try this. When you ask for guac on your burrito, ask for some one both sides. That way, you can get an even bite of amazing guac, every time you take a bite of your burrito. Image result for guac on chipotle burrito
  3. Get taco shells on the side: Now when I found this one, I thought this is great for the whole two people that eat tacos from Chipotle. If you get the tacos from Chipotle, and always think “wow these are really soggy.” Well then this is for you, it is pretty self explanatory, but basically instead of getting whole tacos. Get the filling and the shells separate. Very delicious, and not moist dish.Image result for chipotle taco
  4. Get the veggies instead of the beans: Now if you ever had Chipotle, you would know that it gives you what I like to call “Chipotle farts” which I won’t go into much detail about, (but they suck). So to avoid that, go with the grilled veggies, and you will not any of the gosh darned “Chipotle farts”.

5. Bowl Nachos: This one is the most simple out of all the hacks. For this one, just order a simple bowl, but when the Chipotle employee asks for “what kind of rice” just say “uh I will take tortilla chips instead.” It is genius and absolutely delicious. Image result for chipotle nachos

So those were some great Chipotle life hacks that you could use to make your ordering experience, or even life experience at Chipotle better. Especially the Guacamole ones, they are great.