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My Thoughts and Opinions About School Shootings

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Recently, there have been quite a lot of shootings. There was just a shooting in Florida at a High School. 17 students either got injured or hurt. I can’t even imagine what it would be like for my school to have a school shooter intrude.

There have been many arguments over this shooting and just shootings in general. I think that it is absolutely insane how one psycho person thinks poorly enough to have the guts to shoot up a High School. I heard that the shooter was white so he did not get killed by the cops, he is just in jail. That is complete racism. If he was black, people claim he would surely get killed by the cops but he isn’t and that is so dumb and racist. Now, people ask other people if they think if that teachers should have guns in their classroom for safety protection. Here is my argument… If a teacher was walking around the school with a gun because they heard a gun shot outside, and the cops were there, the cops could easily shoot the teacher thinking it was the actual shooter just because the teacher had a gun. Now if there were multiple teachers walking around with guns, one another teacher could easily accidentally shoot a teacher thinking it was the shooter as well. Also, if the real shooter came inside the classroom and the teacher with a gun wasn’t thinking fast enough because they were scared and worried, the teacher could’ve tried to aim and shoot the shooter but the shooter could have moved fast enough and a bullet can possibly hit a student if they were in the way or behind the shooter once he moved away. I really do not see any possible way it would be good for a teacher to have a gun at school.

The High School shooting was terrible and I just can not stand the fact that someone dumb enough thinks like this. Parents are so worried and upset that some man shot their child’s school. Some girl who goes to that high school made a really long speech about the shooting. She was fighting for everything at that point. She was going all full out. She was upset and crying. In fact, one of her friends got injured or shot by the shooter. I heard that there will soon be a protest about shootings and I really hope someone does something bigger about all of this. This all sucks to everyone and I bet no one would want this to happen to their school or them.

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My Thoughts and Opinions About School Shootings