Rams post season update

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The Rams are lighting up the post season making huge adjustments to their team. The Rams have added many players and dropped many. The Rams came out of the season needing at least 2 corner backs because they new Trumaine Johnson was going to go free agency and Lamarcus Joyner. They need another wide receiver because Sammy Watkins was going to leave. I will go into more depth on how the post season and free agency should work out for the Rams.

The Offense will be first. The Rams really were struggling to keep Sammy Watkins on the team. He wanted to leave the team and go into free agency because the Rams did not have the money to pay for him. Now that they dropped Tavon Austin who had a $40 million contract for 3 years they freed up a ton of money. They now have enough money to pay for a contract extension for Aaron Donald and they cam get Trumaine Johnson back on the team. They can also get back Sammy Watkins and pay him more to play on the Rams. If the Rams can free up just a little more cap room then they could possibly get another great offensive player and defensive player to stack their team.

The defense is the next and the Rams made a huge addition to the team getting Marcus Peters to join for $1 million. He is one of the cheapest paid corner backs in the league right now and leads the team in interceptions from 2014-2017. He is one of the biggest and most important additions the Rams needed and with this we can now try and get our other corner backs back to play alongside of Marcus Peters. We can now expand our defense because we have a great corner back and the defensive player of the year two years in a row at defensive line we can build around them. Our defense is very good, but we can still improve on it.

The draft is going to be key to the Rams. We need to get a good tight end to backup Gerald Everett and possibly even start. The Rams could also take  a great corner back and since the Rams are one of the only teams aiming to get a corner back in the draft. The Rams need to also try and get other positions they are in need of in the draft. I can’t wait until the bulk of the off season starts and when the Rams can get back into gear of the 2018 season.