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Cleanliness to Deadliness


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Image result for toxicCan cleaning the house kill you……….. YES. Cleaning your floors, counter tops, kitchen, toilet, “Lysoling” (using lysol to disinfect), cleaning windows, washing your hands, cleaning your body, washing your hair ETC.. All these daily/weekly/monthly necessities could be shortening your life. Know you are probably wondering..WHAT!! THIS CANT BE TRUE? HOW? I’M CONFUSED. Well confusion time is over, i’m going to list many toxic ingredients, there effects and what they are used in.

  1. One of the worst PETROLEUM side effects (premature aging, aggravated acne and can cause cancer)(Commonly used in vaseline) what can you replace vaseline with pure havens mom balm. Which has no carcinogenic chemicals is 100% toxins free and certified organic.
  2. This next chemical/toxin is very big in the makeup/hair products “Toluene. A petrochemical derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. You may see it on labels listed as benzene, toluol, phenylmethane, methylbenzene. Toluene is a potent solvent able to dissolve paint and paint thinner. It can affect your respiratory system, cause nausea and irritate your skin. Expecting mothers should avoid exposure to toluene vapors as it may cause developmental damage in the fetus. Toluene has also been linked to immune system toxicity. It can be found in nail polish, nail treatments and hair color/bleaching products” – V10Plus
  3.  Everyone has a morning routine. Here is a common one, Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, put on deodorant. This next chemical is commonly used in toothpastes and deodorants something you use sometimes more than once a day. The amount of toxic things you are doing to your body without even knowing is crazy. “Triclosan. Tricolson is widely used antimicrobial chemical that’s a known endocrine disruptor — especially thyroid and reproductive hormones, and a skin irritant. Studies raise concerns that triclosan contributes to making bacteria antibiotic-resistant. There also wasn’t enough supporting evidence that washing with antibacterial soaps containing triclosan provides any benefit over washing with regular soap and water. Tricolson can be found in toothpastes, antibacterial soaps and deodorants.” -V10Plus

These are all the chemicals for today. Change the way you live, learn about the toxic chemicals that you are using daily and do something about it. Use products that do not have any of these things. GO NON-TOXIC, GO PURE HAVEN. Many products that you may think are non-toxic, double check the ingredients in your “organic” products.

Go to

To check out these amazing organic, non-toxic, natural, and SAFE products. Pure haven is a company based in the east coast and is slowly coming to California. They have a replacement for everything. Dish soap, Laundry/Dishwasher detergent, makeup, chapstick, all sorts of cleaning products and different types of stain removers.

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Cleanliness to Deadliness