Top 3 Papa’s Cooking Games!

I’m 99% sure that we all know what the Papa’s games are. I’m talking about Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pizzaria, and a bunch of other ones that also start with papa. When you finish an article I know the first thing that most of the class does is goes on Cool Math Games and plays a Papa game. I know this because I do it ALL the time even when I haven’t finished my article (oops, shouldn’t have said that….). These are my 3 favorites!



My favorite game out of all of them has to be Papa’s Bakeria. Since it’s a new game, the animation and just quality overall is much better than the older ones. The goal of the game is the same as all the other Papa’s games but since this one has more steps, it’s more interesting and fun. In the older games, you couldn’t interact with the game as much because the computer did all the work for you. However, these new versions let you interact with the customers more, and play around with different toppings. Another cool thing that they added was the “today’s special” option. When you reach about day 2 of the game, a customer will give you a gold envelope with the special inside of it. This means that later on in the game you can activate it, and anyone who orders it will give you extra money. To add a little bit of a challenge, you don’t get to see the recipe of the special order. However, if you totally don’t remember there is a button you can press that will show you the recipe. The last thing that I like about this one is you get to customize your character. This was an update that they added to the Papa’s games a little while ago. I’m glad that they continue to let you do this because allows the player to have more fun knowing that this character is something that they created.



This is an older game but I decided to pick it because it’s one of the best of the older ones. It also allows you to customize your character which is a plus, but the game itself is pretty hard. You have to fill the cupcake liner up exactly at the line, and if you don’t it will overflow. The hardest part is piping the icing. Whenever I put the icing on it always tells me “OK” or “OOPS…” . Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Something else I forgot to mention earlier was the closer customers. They are REALLY annoying because not only do you already have to deal with the regular customers, but having these closer’s is horrible. My favorite part of this game is definitely the toppings station. I’m not great at it but I only like it since it’s the last part. Even though this is an older one, it still is pretty good.



The last game is Papa’s Sushiria. This one is probably one of the hardest games I have ever played. Especially the part where you have to cut the sushi roll! I always get less than 50% on the toppings sections because of the cutting. I’m not sure why I have this game as my last favorite…. Well it’s pretty fun to add the stuff in the middle and of course, customize your character. This is also a new Papa’s game but it’s not the best one that they have made.


Those are all of my favorite Papa’s games! I have been playing these games for a really long time and they are so much fun! They are all very good and I highly recommend you check them out!