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School mini rant

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So there are some things I want to get off of my chest when thinking about school. School doesn’t make me feel sad or depressed, it makes me slightly stressed. So I have to wait outside the F building so I can get my books for my classes which is perfectly fine. But wait. There are some girls who keep singing songs from Hamilton. (I think?) I mean people keep telling them to stop singing & they don’t. I guess if they sing quietly or to themselves that would be fine. But no, some of them scream the lyrics. In homeroom, everything is fine.  It’s pretty short compared to the other classes. So moving on to Period 1. I dislike that my math teacher gives speeches about students who are talking. It’s always about how if we don’t pay attention we will fail. I hear this speech every time a teacher gets angry. The speech doesn’t affect me at all. Also, this teacher doesn’t grade work turned in from the past few weeks.  Moving to Period 2. The health class is fine. Almost all the students don’t talk & the teacher progresses on with the subject with no problem. The only problem I have in this class is this meditation thing. I don’t like meditating. I feel like it’s a waste of time and can be replaced by just resting.  Other than that this class is good.

A few months ago, I had science for period 2. It was awful. The teacher acted happy and it was annoying. The period felt like 2 hours. She once said, “School is like Disneyland!”. She kept saying it from time to time. It got annoying quick. Also, we had this thing where if someone goes to the bathroom 5 times he or she can never go again. Moving on to period 3.   The class is fine and the teacher is fair. Nothing wrong.  Moving on to P.E. Whenever we run a mile we have to do  these unnecessary stretches like reaching down to touch toes. Then moving side to side to yet again touch toes. We don’t do the latter anymore. But is there an advantage to reaching down to touch toes? There’s also the fact that we have to wear uniforms. I hate wearing them. I don’t get the point of wearing uniforms in P.E.  If anything, it could be a disadvantage. It could be cold outside? Still have to wear them. Looks like it’s going rain? Still have to wear them. Moving on to Period 5.

This class is the loudest. Constantly, the history teacher is screaming at someone who is messing around. There’s always that one person who purposely tries to be funny which makes the teacher angry. There’s rarely anytime when the classroom is slightly quiet. Only when the teacher threatens to call someone’s parents. As everyday passes on. The more I get sick of this class because it’s the same cycle. We all go inside the class. The teacher tells us not to talk. Someone talks. The class eventually progresses on. Someone does something stupid. Teacher threatens to call their parents. Now repeat the last two events for the rest of the class.  Finally, period 6. This is actually my favorite class . It’s basically the most free a class can get with doing their work. The fact that we can use the computer or phone, to do research, listen to music, or play games. This isn’t really a rant. It’s just something I want to get off of my chest.

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School mini rant