fortnite new season update

Fortnite season update is coming out February 22nd. The next season will be the 3rd season of the fortnite game. There are many people that play fortnite and they are very excited for it. I am going to give you a few tips on the game and what it is going to be like.

The game will take place on outer space and it will be using astronauts as the characters you go into battle with and fight against. Many people are excited for the cool experience of being in outer space and getting to be an astronaut. I am personally excited for it because there are going to be new costumes and  a battle pass that will be awesome. The new season will have a new map updated later in the season.

There is going to be a new gun coming out which is the hand cannon. It is like a pistol, but a lot stronger like a pump shotgun. I like to use the new guns and this one is going to be a rare, not a legendary. The new weapon is going to be very powerful, but it will need ammo to use unlike the crossbow which has unlimited ammo. The new season will have many new weapons to go with the costumes and items, but it will be a while until it happens.

The new costume will be astronauts and will have new axes to go with them. There will be a new world for story mode and that will be added to the multiplayer mode in the game. There are many new places that the company could add for astronaut mode. I hope they add a place that will contend with Tilted Towers. The place has to have a lot of good loot so that people want to go there and battle for all the loot. I want the place to have at least 5 legionaries guaranteed so that it directs all the peoples attention to it and battle for all the good stuff.

Fortnite is a very fun game and as I always say I want everyone to try and play the game because it is free on Xbox, Ps4, and PC. The game is fun and I know that if you play it once then you will want to play it over and over with your friends in squads and duos. I hope this is a good article for you to read and persuade you to play Fortnite.