Best Coffee shops in LA

As we all know coffee is really addicting that its almost like a drug. We all know that Star bucks is not replaceable, but with trying out these coffee shops. This coffee shops are located all in the LA area which can is perfect. These coffee shops are totally worth it, and you should give it out a try.

The first coffee shop would be Alfred’s Coffee and Kitchen. Alfreds iconic sign is known as, “but first coffee,” which this quote is seen everywhere. They make a bunch of different coffees that are really good.They make plenty types of coffees, and they even serve pastries. Some drinks would be espresso, cold brews, and many other drinks using special types of coffee beans. Alfred Coffee shops can be found almost everywhere in the city. They even have a tea shop if you’re not into coffee. This place is worth it and you should visit.

The second coffee shop would be Black Top Coffee. This coffee shop is located in Downtown La near the fashion district, and the art district. This coffee bar is really cute and perfect to take a picture for your Instagram, with their hip and clean aesthetic. They also severe many different types of coffees like sight glass, straus milk, and many different types of brews. There brews the most popular drinks that are delicious to drink. They also serve different types of toast and pastries, which is perfect to go with your coffee.

The third coffee shop would be Civil Coffee. This cafe is near Highland park which is in the LA area. Here they serve coffee with unique coffee beans, and with a ambitious coffee bar fare. They even serve toast with grain bowls that are extremely delicious, and is also very healthy for you. The only thing that this place needs is Wifi, which will make this place 10 times better to come and eat. You should totally come and drink some coffee here.

The fourth place would be Copa Vida which is located in Old Pasadena, with a neighborhood that is addicted to coffee, and is essential to have every morning. Here they make different types of coffees with different grinders, brewers, and espresso machines. They even offer different types of coffee beans to make you that perfect cup of coffee. They also sell pastries, that go perfect with your cup of coffee. I totally recommend you to come and visit this coffee shop.