How Healthy Are Your Snacks

Everybody eats food so everybody can relate to the fact that junk food tastes good but isn’t healthy. How healthy is your food really. How many of you check the nutrition facts. Here are some of the delicious but unhealthy foods.

Coming in at number one is Lay’s Barbecue Potato Chips. One serving size (which is about 15 chips)  is 160 calories. One serving size has 150 mg of salt. A human should have 2,300 mg of salt each day. Out of all the chips on this list these Lay’s aren’t the worst when it comes to the calories and sodium.

Sliding in to second is the original Ruffles. One serving size(12 chips) is 160 calories. Nutrition wise, Lay’s sour cream and onion chips would be a better choice than Ruffles but people go off of what chip they think tastes better and this paragraph isn’t about Lay’s. One serving of Ruffles has 160 mg of sodium.

Ranking in at number three is Classic Lay’s. Classic Lay’s are so oily that if you look at your fingers and tongue after eating one chip, you will see a coating of fat and oil. The only thing that stops these chips from coming in number one is the fact that one serving size (15 chips) is 160 calories. But how much sodium does it have? The answer is 170 mg.

Pringles Sour Cream and Onion chips take the position of number four. The makers of Pringles use soybean oil and drops of MSG but what is MSG. MSG is a chemical that increases your appetite by blocking the message that’s supposed to tell your brain that your full. This is what makes Pringles so addictive and that’s what makes you feel like you can’t stop eating them. One serving size which is 15 chips, gives you 180 mg of sodium and 150 calories.

Coming in at number five is Herr’s Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips. These chips are amazing if your one of those people who put ketchup on almost everything. If your addicted to anything ketchup you might want to stay away from these chips because one serving size( 13 chips) has 300 mg of sodium. One serving size is also 150 calories.

Terra Sweat Potato chips land a spot in this article at number six. Honestly I don’t know why these chip are on this list because they only have 10 mg of sodium and one serving size is 17 chips which will give you 160 calories. This means you can have more chips for the same amount of calories. These sweet potato chips have 3 more grams of fat than Lay’s sweet potato chips but there are more positives than negatives.