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Another challenge from Mr.McCabe

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Well Mr.McCabe gave me another challenge and the challenge was to have an 800 word article. Simple? No. I was deciding to challenge myself so this isn’t an easy A+. The challenges that I am doing are:

-No fiction

-No sighted articles aka no articles from a site

– I can only write about thing that I am interested in

Before I start, I will be talking about 2 topics in this article so it may seem like two different articles.

To start, I will rant on the academies (STEAM, VAPA, and AVID). I feel that the academies are overrated and that they get way too much praise and should change. To start they make it seem like the academies are better than the regular classes. If you did not know we had regular classes, I wouldn’t blame you since it is overshadowed from the academies. The regular classes are the same as the other classes but they are easier. So my question is would you have a class that teaches you the same thing as a academy class or an academy class that is harder and teaches you the same thing? Yeah, that is what I thought.

Another thing I dislike is the AVID academy overall. I hate the ideas and how they make the classes harder just because. The first thing I don’t like is how they take away your elective for the actual AVID program. The problem I have with this is since it is not automatically added to the classes like the VAPA and STEAM academies. It also removes your elective. The reason I hate this is because I feel that you should have a choice on what to have. A way I feel this could be made better is if you were to give options on the AVID program and things they could do and not the same thing for each class.

Well, now that I have finished bashing on the academies I guess I could say things I like. To start, I like how there is diversity in what you could choose. For example, in VAPA you do assignments that involve a little bit of arts. An example of this is more musical parts and art that would be helpful in life. I also like how how they have electives for the academy such as robotics for STEAM.

Well time for my next topic for this challenge, how to do the origin Easter egg.

So before I start this personal guide (see how I said personal), here is a little bit of background information on what I am talking about. Origins is the dlc 4 zombies map for Call of Duty: Black ops 2. To do this Easter egg I would recommend to learn the following:

– how to get the g-strike

– how to make and upgrade the Staves of the ancients

– how to get the thunderfists

– know where all the generators are and make sure they are turned on

Now that we have covered all of those let us begin the actually steps as said by me.

The first step is to build and upgrade all the staves of the ancients. I won’t go into to much detail except that there are four to upgrade and it basically goes done to putting in a code, doing an action for the certain staff, shooting a stone with the certain staff, and eliminate 20 zombies and voila, they are upgraded. A little bit of tips is to try and do all of them before round 15 ( it is possible just keep trying) but apart from that, you are ready for the next step.

This next step is to put a staff into three giant robots across the map. To make more sense for this part, there are three robots on the map ( Odin, Thor, and Freya) You have to put the staves of ice, wind, and lighting  inside the robots. This may seem simple, but there is a certain way to put them in with ice in Freya, wind in Odin, and lighting in Thor. After doing that you must take the staff of fire and put it in the excavation site. You could do this, however there is a glitch in the Black ops 2 version where you put the fire staff in the podium and get it again and put it in the podium four times, the same outcome would happen. Now that you have done this, you are on the third step.

The next step is hard to do so if you are going to do it be experienced and watch a bit of guides. Another thing to know is that you are going to have to have the g-strikes for this step to do it. In this step, you or a friend of yours has to go inside one the robots and press a button, after this a friend has to be at generator 5 and find a stone hole and throw one g-strike right in the middle of the circle. Now it is time for the next step.

The next step involves a you sending the Maxis drone and going to the pit and throwing it in. Doing this causes around 8 panzer soldats will spawn. Make sure to take them out and the next step will be activated.

The next step involves shooting down a zombie pilot and killing it but you can only see this zombie and the plane in zombie blood. You know if the plane is there if  there is a glow around it. After doing this, you can do the next step.

The next step is to go to the excavation site with thunder fists and punch templar zombies with smoke on their hands. Do this for around 20 to 30 zombies and there will be a stone. Click the activate button and you are on the next three steps

So before beginning these are the last three steps combined after this, you are done. To start, take all the staves to the crazy place to their respective pedestals. After this get around 100 zombie kills in the crazy place and take the drone and throw it in the middle to the sky and press the activate button again and you have finished.

Well that is the article. Got more than 800 words and my challenge is done.


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Another challenge from Mr.McCabe