Kings Beat Penguins.

Kings Beat Penguins

The Kings beat the Penguins on Saturday December 5th 5-3. In the first period Kings scored 0 goals, and Penguins scored 0 goals. There were good chances on both ends. In the second period Kings scored 4 goals, and Penguins scored 2 goals. 3 min. in to the period Doughty scored a power-play goal on a slap-shot. 3 min. later Ehrhoff scored a goal. Then 1 min. later Luchic scored a goal. Then 30 seconds later Penguins scored a goal making the score 3-1. Then Muzzin scored a goal, and made the score 4-1. Then penguins scored 1 min. after that goal. In the third period each team scored 1 goal. With 50 seconds in to the period Penguins scored a goal. Then with 2 min. left in the game Penguins emptied their net. Luchic went on a breakaway on a empty net, and scored. Kings won the game 5-3, and we will see you next time on “The Hale Telescope.”