Unique Bakeries

Bakeries are cute and unique places. They have amazing desserts and pastries. The cool thing about bakeries, is that they don’t serve a lot of food and its more of a place to visit if you want a dessert. There are many types of Bakeries, but today i’m gonna talk about unique bakeries.

The first bakery is called B Patisserie. B Patisserie is a bakery in San Francisco. This unique bakery, has French and Viennese style pastries with American flavors. They have pastries like macarons, cakes, mousse’s, coffee, sandwiches, and so many other treats. Also if you are gonna order macarons they only sell them on weekends.

Another place you can go to is called Proof Bakery. The Proof Bakery is closer than B Patisserie. The Proof Bakery is in Los Angeles and has amazing sweets. They have sweets like cheesecake, croissants, cake, sandwiches and many other things.

You can also visit Baker Miller. Baker Miller is a bakery in Chicago Illinois. They have many breakfast foods and desserts. Another cool thing about Baker Miller, is that they have a toast bar. For their breakfast foods, they have things like avocado toast, BLT baguette, biscuits and gravy, and many other things.

Another place you can try out is called Muddy’s Bake Shop. Muddy’s Bake Shop is in Memphis Tennessee. It bake many types of sweet treats such as pies, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, bars, and so many other treats. An amazing factor about this bakery is that they have treats that are vegan. So when you look on the menu online, they put a not next to the foods that are vegan saying that it is vegan. Its really cute and has cute names for their sweets. Muddy’s Bake Shop tries to make your visit a good one. They want to try and make Memphis a happier place. They use many good ingredients and is a good place you should consider visiting one day.

The last place you can visit is called Janjou Patisserie. This cute Bakery, is in Boise Idaho. They have many french pastries. Specifically they have cookies, chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee beans, and teas. Janjou Patisserie was founded in 2008 by a couple named Moshit and Chuck. They mostly started selling cookies.

Those are all of the bakeries that stuck out to me. If you ever your in any of those places, you should go and check them out.