Until Dawn Game Review

A few weeks ago I got the game Until Dawn. I finished it last week and I loved it. Until Dawn is a game in which two sisters go missing after a prank on one of the sisters, Hannah, goes wrong. Exactly a year later, the group of eight goes back up to the cabin for a week of remembrance. The group of young adults is made up of Sam, Chris, Josh, Emily, Matt, Jessica, and Mike. The whole main focus of the game is The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is a theory that every little thing you do can effect your future; that a butterfly fluttering its’ wings can cause a hurricane weeks later, hence the name.

So, onto game play. In the game lets say that you’re being chased by the killer. You pick up a knife to defend yourself and the killer leaves. You have the option to leave the knife on the counter or take it will you. You choose to take it will you and leave the room. Then your friend runs into the room, also being chased by the killer. They have nothing to defend themselves so they are killed. This is the entire game and I love it! All the decisions you have to make are 50-50 chance. If it is a very important decision, you have a 50% chance of dying.

Some things I didn’t like were the movements. Throughout the game you collect little totems that warm you of future deaths and whatnot. I used PlayStation 4 for this game so in order to pick up the totem and some other things, you must hold down R2 and move the right thumbpad to the left. The walking is very, very slow. To speed it up a little you can hold down L1 but that just gets tiring and it doesn’t speed up the walking too much.

Everything you do can effect how many characters live in the end, what plot unfolds and how it unfolds. In the end of the game, I screwed up badly three times and only got Sam and Chris to live. However, for one specific character, I believe there is only one ending other than death. I’m not sure, but he is very important to the story and plot. Throughout the game, you stop game play and “check in” with this therapist. The therapist will ask you question and will talk to you about what you may or may not choose in the game.