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A challenge from Mr.McCabe

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Last week when I went to turn in my article ( which had 402 words), Mr.McCabe told me to try and make an article with 400 or 401 words. So, that is what I am going to be doing today. For this article I will be telling you random facts of three (or two) things.

To start, let us talk about fruit. The apples at your local supermarket could be up to a year old. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a long time. Next, grapes explode if you put them in your microwave. Sure this one may be a bit simple but you at least now know how to redecorate your microwave if you want it to have a new look. Do you like roses? Well you’d be happy to know apples, peaches, and strawberries are in the the same family as the rose family. Need to increase your vitamin C level? Here is a question, would you rather take an orange or a kiwi? Correct answer is the kiwi since it has more vitamin C than an orange ( pretty disappointing, I know). In Japan, the watermelons are grown in squares so they can store/stack them easier. On the topic of watermelon, watermelons can have colors ranging from the original red to white. This will be all the facts for the fruits.

Now we will be moving on to facts about our country (America). To start, let us talk about the American flag. Although Betsy Ross created the original flag back in 1776, the current U.S. flag was made in 1958 by a high school student that was working on a project. Sadly, he did not get an A+ or an A-.American companies make enough pizza in one day to cover 100 acres of area, before we move on though just know 5 acres is the same size as 6 football fields. Some of the firefighters that work as a fire fighter are actually volunteers (to be exact around 69 percent). Do you know what the deadliest job is in America? Well it is being the president since you can get assassinated, or die on the job. This is all the facts for America.

Well this will end off my challenge with Mr.McCabe. Did you learn anything new from this article? If so, tell me what and also tell me your favorite fact that was told in this article. Anyways goodbye.



(fruit facts)

(America facts)



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A challenge from Mr.McCabe