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Dangerous States In America

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Have you ever wondered what some of the most dangerous states in America are? If you don’t live in America or don’t travel here than you probably don’t care but if you are in America  then this article is for you because I will be telling you the most dangerous states in America.

The most dangerous state to live in is Alaska. WalletHub researchers found that Alaska has the highest report of crime. There have been 1,692 violent crimes, nine murders, 326 robberies, 6,853 property crimes, and 1,055 aggravated assault cases just in 2016 by itself.

South Carolina comes in second. There has been 435 violent crimes, 15 murders, 136 robberies, 244 aggravated assault cases in 2016. What makes this state is the 2,961 property crimes. Even though their are many crimes, South Carolina is the best state at getting people to be aware of violent crimes like these.

Arkansas slides into third place. They have the most assaults then any state in the U.S. Little Rock, Arkansas specifically. They have gotten reports of 1,415 violent crimes, 16 murders, 302 robberies, 1,018 aggravated assault cases, and 6,476 property crimes in the year 2016.

Coming in at number four is New Mexico. New Mexico doesn’t have the highest rate of assaults but it is still high up there. According to WalletHub, on a scale of one to fifty( one being the safest and fifty being to most unsafe) people living in or near New Mexico rate it 47. In the year of 2016, 2,897 violent crimes, 32 murders, 847 robberies, 1,825 aggravated assault cases, and 17,888 property crimes.

Coming in at number five is Michigan. According to WalletHub researchers, at a scale of one to 50(1 being the safest) Michigan is at 46. This state has one of the fewest law enforcement employees per capita and one of the highest incidences of bullying. Detroit(which is in Michigan) has some of the highest reported crime, with 5,409 violent crimes, 103 murders, 1,130 robberies, 3,909 aggravated assault cases, and 13,442 property crimes in 2016.

Sitting at number six is Tennessee.  WalletHub researchers found this state has one of the most assaults per capita. On a safety scale from one to 50 Tennessee is at 45. Memphis, Tennessee, is where some of the highest reported crimes were, with 5,733 violent crimes, 88 murders, 1,537 robberies, 3,879 aggravated assault cases, and 16,833 property crimes just in the year 2016.

Nevada comes in number seven. Once again, WalletHub researchers found that this state has one of the most assaults per capita. In the Las Vegas metro area there have been some of the highest reported crime, including 7,277 violent crimes, 83 murders, 2,537 robberies, 3,922 aggravated assault cases, and 22,234 property crimes in 2016.

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Dangerous States In America