Why Wing-Stop is Superior and restaurant review

Yo guy! This is a very very important article. In the sense that it wont be a top 5 article. (My first actually). But this is also different in the sense that I will be talking about my favorite restaurant. Wing stop! Yes I know that might be pretty dumb, calling my favorite restaurant, a fast food wing place. But it is actually the best place ever. You can get quality wings for a cheap price. They have everything from lemon pepper to barbecue. I personally get lemon pepper, Cajun rub and a bucket of fries.

I also love Wing stop because of the feeling you get after eating it. It gives a specific warmth and homely feeling. I can only explain it as, your mom making the most delicious meal, then it ends up tasting like garbage. So in secret, you go get some lemon pepper wings and a bucket of fries.

So I have explained what I get at wing stop, and why I get it. Now its time for me to explain how to get your wings. This is a very important to get your wings the right way. So what I get them is “extra wet” and “well done”. And “extra wet” gets you more sauce (not too much) just the right amount. And “well done” makes your wings crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside.

Why do I choose lemon pepper? Because it has a specific twang, and sourness to it, along with the slightest bit of spice from the black pepper. I choose Cajun rub because of the hotness of it, as well as the great taste that gives you.

Review: Okay, now on to the review. I will be categorising all of aspects of the experience by 10 different parts. 1) Crispy-ness of wings. 2) Tender-ness of wings. 3) Sauce quality. 4) Drink quality. 5) Customer service. 6) Waiting time. 7) Side quality. And lastly 8) Music choices.

Alright lets get into number 1, the crispness of the wings were amazing. They had a nice crunch and a superb texture. Number 2, the wing wings were very tender, they were soft, and as the kids say these days “moist” to the bite. Number 3, the sauce quality was amazing. The workers were very generous. Number 4, if your gonna have some amazing wings, you might as well have some amazing drinks. And I’m glad to report, they had a big soda machine with a lot of drink selection, so your covered with all of your drink needs. Number 5, well customer service was great. Number 6, we waited for about 20 minutes, so it was alright. Number 7, the fries were amazing, because of the cajun seasoning, it was crispy, oily, and they had big portions. Number 8, okay so they were they were playing Justin Bieber, so they get marked down for that.

That was my review of Wing Stop, it gets a 9.5/10.